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berberis vulgaris different types to buy

Which country is the most produced berberis vulgaris? Where to buy berberis vulgaris?

Barberry has a variety of types, most of which are produced in Iran. Berberis vulgaris is also known in global markets with other names, including Barberry and Zereshk.

Different Types of Iranian barberry:

  • Dane Anari berberis vulgaris
  • Zir Talari berberis vulgaris
  • Pofaki berberis vulgaris

Different methods for the production of barberry make barberry more widely available in the world market. If we want to classify the types of barberry on a quality basis, we should refer to Pofaki, Zir Talari and Dane Anari.

Pofaki barberry is known as the best barberry on the market for two reasons:

  1. Very bright color (as seen in the picture)
  2. Very low oil content

But Dane Anari barberry has a darker color than Pofaki barberry , as you can see in the photo below:


Where is barberry used?

barberry has a lot to eat, but it’s the most used to produce sweets and juice. Of course, barberry  with rice is also used. barberry is also used for the production of musk and various herbal and organic products.


Where to buy berberis vulgaris?

The best option to buy barberry  is to contact the barberry  producers in Iran. 98% Iranian barberry  is produced in southern Khorasan Province. The season of barberry  production and harvest is in October. But different types of this product are offered all year round in global and regional markets. Artinnuts Co. is one of the largest Iranian barberry producers and exporters on the market. You can see the photo of one of the gardens of barberry  production below.


To get advice and buy a variety of barberry , you can contact the Artinnuts sales managers at the “Contact Us” section of the site.


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