Export Iranian Barberry

Export Barberry as Iran’s best selling type for Romania

Do you know which types of Iranian export barberry have the most sales in Europe? What is the situation of barberry market in Romania? To get more detailed and comprehensive information on the types of Iranian barberry exports in this article, join us by the end.

Iran, as the largest barberry producer in the world, has been able to offer this product with a great deal of abundance in recent years in various global markets. But because of the need for different parameters to be exported, we will continue to explore the characteristics of a high quality barberry.

As you know, there is a barberry shrub, but the methods of drying and processing are such that the export of barberry can be exported to different markets in different types.

Types of Iranian Export Barberry:

  • Pofaki Dried Barberry
  • Zir Talari Dried Barberry
  • Dane Anari Dried Barberry
  • Fresh barberry

The barberry mentioned above is more than anything else in the color and puffiness of the product. Pofaki Barberry has the brightest color and Dane Anari barberry is the darkest barberry color. All of these types are used and sold in major export markets, but depending on the type of consumption, they have to buy it.

Uses for Dane Anari & Zir Talari Barberry:

Dane Anare Barberry

More than these two products are used to produce medicine, sweets, Muscat, syrup, as well as in the case of cooking. These two types of barberry are generally used in food production plants.

Uses for Pofaki Barberry:

Pofaki Barberry

Since Pofaki barberry has a very bright color, it has the most promising for retail packaging and sales, but all that is mentioned for Dane Anari barberry and Zir Talari barberry above is also true for barberry. That is why Pofaki barberry is commonly used in all industries used.

You can contact our sales managers for more information on the types of barberry produced in Iran, as well as the price and packaging of the product.

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