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Buy barberry online directly from Iranian producer

To buy barberry online at an affordable price, you should buy barberry from a major Iranian producer. or you must buy directly from the exporter for export business that you may find them online.

Considering that Iranian barberry are highly priced compared to other types of dried fruits and nuts. it should be noted that competitive prices are very necessary for increasing profitability, along with high quality.

To achieve this purpose, we need to contact the first-hand producers and exporters to buy barberry directly.

The point that matters is the quality of this product, especially when you are buying online.

The presence of inexperienced dealers in Iranian markets where you want to buy barberry (online or not), will reduce quality and increase prices along with a sharp risk of business.

Buying directly from the manufacturer can lead to more competitive markets and the withdrawal of brokers from the market of this product.
barberry (Zereshk) can also have a very good market in the global market if you can get from a well-known supplier.

If you want to know more about various types of Iranian barberry, you can refer to the following article:

If you want to know more about different types of Iranian barberry, continue with us:

Dane Anari Barberry:

Dane Anari barberry has a darker color than other types of barberry. This type of barberry is processed at the factory at the beginning of the production season. And after the preparation is sold in the market.

Dane Anari Barberry

Pofaki Barberry:

Pofaki Barberry a lighter color than any other color. This type of barberry has a longer production process. Pofaki Barberry has a very low moisture content.

Iranian Pofaki Barberry


Buy barberry online:

You can contact us through the communication channels (email, instagram, and phone) to buy online and easily.


In all of the above mentioned types, exporting in bulk requires the use of suitable export packages. So it’s important to coordinate perfect design of packaging with your supplier. please notice that online purchasing needs a really perfect support.

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