Iranian Dried Barberry

Iranian Dried Barberry Different Types

Iranian Dried Barberry or Persian Zereshk, known as berberis vulgaris in many countries. barberries farmers produce two different types of barberry in Iran. here we tell you where to buy Iranian Barberry and introduce you one well known exporters.

Barberry (Zereshk or Berberis Vulgaris) is not so widely known.
First of all, Let us give you more information about this product in different markets and countries:

  • Iranian Barberry in most Middle East countries known as “Zereshk”.
  • The taste of this product, in different types, is sour and sweet.
  • Iran is the first and the oldest producer of dried barberry in the orchards.
  • Iranian Dried barberry commonly uses with rice and Persian delicious foods such as Zereshk Polow.
  • Fresh Barberry (or Frozen types) are using for producing delicious (sour and sweet) drinks.
  • European Countries are interested in light red dried barberries.
  • Turkey, on of the most important buyers of Iranian Dried Barberry, using this dried fruit in its confectionaries.
  • Arabic countries learned how to use barberry with rice in different types of foods.

Iranian Dried Barberry

Different Types of Iranian Dried Barberry:

Before we introduce you these two different types of barberries, you should know that this category is the oldest and the most common type of barberry categorization.
However, exporters may categorize this product in a variety of ways.


When the harvest season comes, farmers harvest fresh berberis vulgaris and then dry this product directly.
Drying process can happen by means of machineries or under the sunlight.
obviously, by means of this method, products would be ready to sell only 1 month after harvesting.
Dark red color, really sour taste and squeezed shape are the most common features of this type of Persian zereshk.
By the way, Literal meaning of “Done Anari” is Pomegranate seed.
Done Anari Barberry

POFAKI Barberry

When the harvest season coms, for producing this type of Iranian Dried barberry, farmers should harvest the branch of the barberry’s tree with berries on it.
They cut the tree’s branches and hang them in drying warehouses where they can keep these branches full of barberries more than 7 to 9 months.
obviously, it takes a long time to dry but these are benefits of this method:

  • First, Color of this type is light red and different with Done Anari
  • Second, the shape stays bloated and not squeezed.
  • Third, This method is more healthier

In this method, products would be ready to sell at least 3 months after harvesting.
By the way, Literal meaning of “Pofaki” is bloated the same as corn puffs.
Pafaki Barberry

Where to buy Iranian Dried Barberry

Many buyers thinks that Iranian Barberry is the same as Indian or Japanese types, but it’s completely wrong.
If you want to buy this product, most of it’s orchards located in “Southern Khorasan, Iran”.
Exporters of this region in Iran and some others in “Mashhad, Iran” present this product.
Artinnuts Company is one of the oldest exporters of Iranian Dried Barberry and they recently added Frozen Barberry to their products.
The Artinnuts Orchards Located in these cities and villages in Iran: “Qaen”, “Esfeden”, “Zohan”, “Birjand”, “Gazar” and etc.
Here are some of Artinnuts special services for buyers of Persian zereshk:

  1. Special packaging with a really longer shelf life.
  2. Health and Phyto Sanitary Certificate for the products
  3. Transportation with referee containers for Frozen Barberry
  4. Delivery to your destination port
  5. Delivery to your shop in some countries such as Italy and Kazakhstan
  6. and many other services that you can ask according your orders such as your required packaging and everything else
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