Iranian berberis vulgaris

Iranian berberis vulgaris fruit price list

Iranian berberis vulgaris fruit called Zereshk in Iran. this product have so much medical and health benefits. do you want to have the price list of barberries?

Iranian berberis vulgaris uses dried and in fact, it’s a dried fruit with sour and sweet taste.
Zereshk and Barberry are the other names of this product all around the world.
This fruit have so many health benefits and you can see some of them in following:
Berberis vulgaris is rich in vitamin C that can treat scurvy
Barberry can also be used to treat gastrointestinal ailments
One of the most common uses of Persian Zereshk (Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Fruit) in Iran is to control the blood concentration.
Obviously, there are so many other benefits for berberis vulgaris (European Barberry).

Iranian berberis vulgaris fruit has 2 different commercial types.
Both types trees are the same as each other and there are differences in the methods of processing.
In fact, Farmers can harvest barberries from the trees and dry them directly, that this type called “Done Anari”.
Otherwise, They can cut the branches of the trees with berries on them and let them to dry. This type called “Pofaki”.

Iranian Berberis Vulgaris

Iranian berberis vulgaris tree

Prices of Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

Iranian barberry types, It means “Done Anari” and “Pofaki”, are mostly different in shape.
Done Anari: Squeezed shape, dark red color
Pofaki: Bloated shape and light red color

Basically, Done Anari is cheaper than pofaki but the price completely depends on the quality of them.
In a price list of this product, Some items are bold and important:
first of all, the moisture of barberries, Moisture of most Barberries in Iran’s domestic market is higher than %19.
%19 moisture is not good for Import and Export because it reduces the shelf life and the color changes soon.
IF you want to buy barberry from Iranian Types, the moisture should be less than %17.
Second item is impurity and foreign material. You should check that your load is clean and sorted.

If you want to buy this product and import it, you can make contact with Artinnuts Sales and Export Managers to get more information and updated prices.
Giving you a price list in this text might cause wrong decisions because of changes in prices and conditions over time.
By the Way, we advise you to get your prices of Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Fruit updated every week if you are in this business.

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