Artinnuts Dried Barberry

Artinnuts Dried Barberry Zereshk Exporter

Artinnuts is a well known exporter of Iranian Dried barberry. Artinnuts Dried Barberry called “Persian Zereshk”. Here we introduce you artinnuts company and factory as the exporter of Iranian dried fruits and Nuts.

It might that you don’t know Iranian dried barberry well enough, so we advise you keep reading.
The Persian name of barberries is Zereshk (or some in Turkey call it Zereksh).

Iranian BarberryDifferent types of Artinnuts Dried Barberry

  • First one, “Done Anari”, This type have Two distinctive features:
  1. Dark Red Color
  2. Squeezed shape
  • Second one, “Pofaki”, The features of this type are:
  1. Light red color
  2. bloated shape
Pofaki and Anari Barberries

left “Pofaki” and right “Anari” barberries

If you are searching for an Iranian barberry exporter, you’d better know where’s its domestic market in Iran?
The main usages of this product in Iran is to:

  • Cooking delicious foods such as Iranian Zereshk Polo.
  • Making sweet and sour Jam and Juices.
  • Bakery and cooking confectioneries such as lokum (Turkish delight).

Most exporters of Iranian dried barberry (Zereshk) that have also its producer and manufacturer, located in Khorasan (one of Iran’s biggest provinces).
The number of brokers of Barberries (not real exporter) are more than Real exporters because of its traditional market in Iran.
Artinnuts company established in 2013 aiming exporting Iranian Dried Barberry and Pistachios Nuts with high standards and qualities.
Artin’s Barberry Production Orchards date back more than 20 years before its official establishment.

Artinnuts Export Department Services:

Here we inform you about some services of Artinnuts as the exporter of Iranian Dried Barberry:

  • Supplying all types of Persian Zereshk according your country’s standards.
  • Packing barberries in special packages in bulk with more shelf life that normal packages.
  • Packing products for importers with their brands on the products.
  • Presenting various methods and terms of delivery services for your required quantity.
  • Supplying “Organic Barberry” for EU countries and also Canada, America and Australia.

And many other services depends on your orders.

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