2022 Dried Jujube Fruits | Anab – Onab – Unab

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2022 Dried Jujube Fruits | Anab – Onab – Unab

2022 Dried Jujube fruits price depends on the quality. Iranian Anab prices are available and the products (Onab/Unab) are ready to sell.

2021 dried jujube harvested from Iran orchards in South Khorasan province is offered through the Artin sales center throughout the country.
Jujube of the orchards of this region of the country, which is a product of 1400, has its own buyers throughout Iran.

Most Iranian jujube products are in use for export to various countries, including Iraq, Canada, Pakistan, and Australia. Traders active in this field send jujube to other international markets along with other nuts such as pistachios, dates, raisins, barberry, and almonds.

In this article, various information about the production, sale, and sizing of jujube is ready for you.

2020 Dried Jujube Harvest Season in Iran

Jujube is a plant with many properties that grows in the tropics.
If we take the name of jujube, we will subconsciously remember the province of South Khorasan.
The climate of South Khorasan province makes this province the best place for jujube growth.
Jujube cultivation in this province is in urban and rural areas.
People from cities such as Birjand and Sarbisheh to areas such as Siojan are engaged in the cultivation and production of jujube.

Now the question is when is the jujube harvest season in these areas?
Usually, the jujube harvest season in this region starts from the beginning of August.
Jujube harvest will continue up to 30 days after the start.
Even in some areas, this number reaches 50 and in general, it can be said that jujube is harvested in August and September.

However, due to the low shelf life of fresh jujube, most of the producers dry their jujubes.
For this reason, you can access this year’s dried jujube throughout the year.

Classy-Jujube Wholesale for Export/Import

In the previous section, we found out that the main jujube production center is in Birjand.
In this regard, many workshops for processing jujube are available in this province.
These workshops sort and dry jujube.

In the next section, we will talk about the classification of jujube and the price of different types of jujube.
Now the question is where to get the  Classy-jujube (a product with high quality).

Due to the growth of technology, you can easily make your purchase with a single call or several messages in cyberspace.
This reduces the cost to the buyer.
On the other hand, buying jujube is very easy.
The Artin company is one of the collections that sell 2022 dried jujube fruits this year.

For advice, purchase, or export/import of jujube, you can get the information you need by contacting the consultants of the Artin Collection.

Receiving the Price of 2022 Dried Jujube Fruits

One of the main concerns of people to buy jujube is the price of jujube.
Various parameters affect the price of 2022 dried jujube.
In addition to these parameters, the amount of supply and demand in the market also affects the final price of jujube.
The important point is that the price of jujube changes privately during only a few periods during the year.
Otherwise, the price of jujube will not change significantly.
Because jujube exports are generally low and USD exchange rate fluctuations can have little effect on prices.

You can get the exact price of jujube from the experts of the Artin company by providing the following parameters.

  • At first, jujube color
  • Also, jujube size
  • Then, jujube wrinkles on the skin
  • The degree of health and pest control
  • Package type

Jujube Export/Import Markets

Does Iranian jujube have a place in the markets of far and near countries?
This is a question that may occupy your mind.

According to customs statistics, the Iranian jujube has export markets in some countries.
The main competitor of Iranian jujube exports is China.
Due to the production of jujube with a larger size, this country is able to attract the attention of many countries.
Of course, the Iranian jujube has also been considered by some countries in recent years.

According to customs statistics, the Iranian jujube is in use for export/import to the following countries.

  • At first, Pakistan
  • Also, India
  • Then, Iraq
  • And also, Canada
  • And finally, Italy

In general, Iranian jujube has medicinal properties in these countries and is even in use to make medicine.
But jujube is also in use in nuts in other countries (as dried fruit).
For advice, export, import, or purchase of jujube, you can contact the collection consultants.

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