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We have irresistibly taken a new and fantastic path to increase our quality and export our products to global markets.
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Armaghan Toushe Sabz Artin Co. have been established in 2013 aiming presenting different and safe services regarding domestic and global markets for our export oriented products.
The main focus of our company in these recent years, is on increasing our quality and production capacity for our main products, means Pistachio, Barberry and Jujube.
Most of our capacities, activities and capabilities employed for exporting our products and because of this approach, we are now processing Iranian Nuts and Dried Fruits at the level of global standards.


Head Office:
Address: No.3, 2th Floor, Sina Building, Hor Square, Piroozi BLV, Mashhad, Iran, Postal Code: 9177916365
Tel: +985136914184

Export Manager:
Contact Person: Amin Hosseini
Cell number (Whatsapp & IMO): +989153675057
Email: artinnuts@gmail.com
​Skype: artincompany1


Anari Barberry

One of the most important agricultural products of Iran is barberry and there is no where else in the world that you can find this type of barberry.
The Features of Anari Type:
– Darker Color
– Squeezed Shape
– Lower Price
This type of barberry is available in October up to end days of May.
Anari Barberry is common for confectionaries, Bakery and Beverages.

Pofaki Barberry

One of the most important agricaltural products of Iran is barberry and there is no where else in the world that you can find this type of barberry.
Some features of Pofaki Barberry are as follows:
– Lighter Color
– Bloated Shape
– Higher Price
This type of barberry can generally be supplied from February up to September.
Pofaki Barberry is a suitable garniture for foods.

Class A Jujube

Jujube is producing in many countries in Asia but the best quality and taste of this dried fruit can be find in Iran.
This dried fruit is sorted by:
– Color
– Size
The larger and the darker brown that jujube is, The higher quality it has.
We call the larger sizes of jujube as “Class A”.

Class B Jujube

Class B jujube is referring to the smaller sizes of this dried fruit.

Some countries in Asia, such as India, use jujube in their snacks.

European countries and eastern countries of Asia use jujube for some drug manufacturing, also herbal medicines and herbal remedies.