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Pistachio kernel uses to make delicious confectioneries and foods. It’s a perfect snack.

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Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of pistachio products worldwide. Iranian Pistachios Kernels are really well-Known in all markets.
The variety of Iranian products in the field of strategic pistachio products and its products is very high and after the USA (California) Iran has had the largest annual production of pistachio varieties.

Pistachio kernel of Iran is much tastier than other pistachio kernels in the world.
That’s because of the high quality of pistachio in Iran due to the climate.

Purple Skin Kernels

“Which types of pistachios kernels are producing in Iran?

Is it true that the variety of pistachio kernels is much more than pistachio nuts?

We have these types of pistachio kernels in Iran (Producing in large quantities):

  • Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels (referring to “Open Mouth” or “Close Mouth” pistachios)
  • Halved or Crushed Pistachio Kernels
  • Green Pistachio Kernels
  • Tiny Pistachio Kernels (Wild and Normal types)
  • Peeled Pistachio Kernels
  • Slivered Pistachio Kernels
  • And many other types in domestic market of Iran

Each country uses certain types of Iranian pistachio kernels, depending on the nutrient consumption culture, amount of purchases and uses. The main types of Iranian pistachio kernel are:

Purple Skin Pistachio Kernel:

Typical names for this product are often based on the types of pistachios in Iran. Such as Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Badami, Kalle Ghuchi and Fandaghi.
Fandoghi pistachio kernel Among all other types of purple skin pistachio kernel, it is mostly used for export because of its more favorable price and more general appearance.

Another reason why Fandoghi pistachio nuts are so widely used is that Fandoghi pistachio itself is one of the smallest types of pistachio and its high quality nuts are more economically profitable for export or even domestic markets.

Purple skin pistachio kernels are used for salty snacks, slivered and powdered pistachios, as well as in foods such as pastries and in the production of many confectioneries  and therefore have many export fields.

Purple Skin Pistachios Kernels

Green Pistachio Kernel:

The green pistachio kernel, as its name implies, is made from pistachios that have not yet been fully mature.
This pistachio kernel has a special characteristic that makes it very popular in the market, and it’s that its mantle is very green in color while its outer skin is white.
This pistachio green color makes it an ideal product for all pastry and decorative purposes.

Green Pistachio Kernel in Iran is more expensive than the conventional ones. That’s because of the cost of production of this product is higher than the usual kernel types.

The quality of this pistachio kernel is measured by its greenness, which means that the higher the percentage of pistachios with white skin and green mantle, the higher the quality and thus the higher the price.

Iranian Green Pistachio Kernel

Peeled Green Pistachio Kernel:

This pistachio kernel is mostly marketed under the name “Green Kernels” and is very green as the name implies.

One of the special differences of this kind with other types of Iranian pistachio kernel is that it is not possible to produce this product directly from the pistachio itself, but this Iranian pistachio kernel is obtained after processing of unripe pistachio varieties.

In this type of pistachio kernel, there is no thin pistachio skin that is often reddish in color. The highest price of pistachio kernels among its export types is related to this type.

Peeled Pistachio KernelThe quality of this type is evaluated by its color and the darker green the color of the pistachio kernel, the higher the quality. In order to make a qualitative distinction and to rank among the varieties of pistachio kernels, it is necessary to perform color sorting.

The color sorting of this type of pistachio kernel is very costly because it either has to use very expensive color sorting machines or the worker has to put each pistachio kernel in its own batch according to its green color.

Green Kernels Grades

The most common use of this type of pistachio is in the following industries:

  • Manufacture of confectionery and ice cream
  • Production of meat and protein products
  • Production of some types of drinks
  • Some luxury foods

Also we have some other types of pistachio kernels that you can check some of them in following images:

Slivered Pistachios

Iranian Slivered Pistachios

Iranian Slivered Pistachio is one another type of pistachio kernels.
This product commonly uses in foods or confectioneries.

Wild Pistachio Kernel

Wild Pistachio Kernel

This type of pistachio kernel is very similar to Afghan pistachio kernel.
These pistachio kernels are very small in size, as well as a very green mantle.
High level of fat in this type make it perfect for some delicious pastries.