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Fresh Barberry uses to produce delicious jam, beverage and herbal teas.

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Iran produces the best fresh barberry in large quantities, exporting it directly to many countries in various packages. Artin Company offers its barberry product for export with high standards.

Iranian barberry is also marketed in various countries under the name of Turkey, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan or Pakistan, but the only country that produces this product in large orchards is Iran.
Iranian Barberry Orchard

“There are different names of barberry in different countries. but the point is that we call it “Zereshk” in Persian and it’s an old name in Iran.”

Different names of barberry:

Iran: “Zereshk”, It’s the main name of barberry in Iran, If you want to buy real Iranian barberry, always use this name.
Turkey: “Zereshk”, “Zereshg”, “Berberis vulgaris”.
Arabian Countries: “Zereshk”, “Zeresht”, “Al Berbaris”.
European Countries: “Barberry”, “Berberitzen”.

harvest season

Harvesting of barberry crop in Iran is beginning in October.
Usually, this harvest in Iran lasts up to 45 days, after which fresh barberry only find in frozen form because the shelf life of the product is less than 10 days outside the fridge.
After this time, producing dried barberry types start.

At present, harvesting of barberry is doing manually and the quality of harvesting of agricultural machinery is not significant.
Also, one of the best varieties of barberry needs to cut down the tree branch, so this cannot be done properly with machines.

Pofaki Barberry Harvesting
Barberry Harvesting

Fresh Barberry Packaging Types

Barberry is sensitive to many environmental factors and must be carefully preserved.
Ambient temperature and heat have the greatest impact on the quality barberry. Fresh barberry should be stored at 4 to 10 degrees Celsius before freezing.
After freezing the barberry, storage should be at -4 ° C.
Any transportation of fresh barberry (frozen or non-frozen) requires a refrigerated container.

Uses of Fresh Barberry

Normally barberry is used to decorate food or produce some sweets.
Major and bulk consumers of this product buy fresh barberry to produce drinks and medicines.
Some types of jams produces using barberry, as well as varieties of herbal teas produces using barberry.


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  • and Barberry Juice Concentrate