Iranian Peeled Pistachio Kernel

- Peeled Pistachio Kernel

Pistachios Products

A luxury product of pistachios using in chocolate, ice cream, protein products and etc.

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One of Iran’s expensive pistachio kernels that is widely used for export to various countries, especially Europe and China, is green pistachio kernel, sometimes called peeled pistachio kernel.

This type of pistachio kernel is very green and in some cases it turns to full dark green.
The poorer qualities of this pistachio kernel are usually yellow, otherwise the most influential factor in the price of this product is the green color.

“Are there any additives and chemicals or dyes used to produce this kind of pistachio kernel? Are the orchards of this kind of pistachio kernel different from other pistachio orchards?”

This type of pistachio kernel is made of immature pistachios that have a much greener mantle color.
Also, in the process, thin skin is separated on the immature kernels and then sorted by the amount of green color.

No additives uses in the production of this kind of pistachio kernel. The natural green color of the pistachio is shown by removing the thin skin. There is also no particular difference between orchards for the production of this type of pistachio kernel and other types of pistachio kernel.

Peeled Unripe Pistachios

Different types of green pistachio kernels categorize into few groups.
These categories usually using the Latin alphabet in nomenclature depending on the color quality and also broken and halved or not halved.

Peeled Kernels Grades

These pistachio kernels are widely used for export to Europe. And because the color of Iranian pistachio kernels is greener than in the US, it has a good competitive advantage. The point of exporting this pistachio kernel to Europe is its quality and standards.
It should be free of any metal scrap other than pistachio kernel that is imported at the time of production.

Packaging of Peeled Pistachio Kernel:

Packages of these types of pistachio kernels are usually 10 to 12.5kg vacuum packages.
These packages are in bulk cartons to suit customer’s order. Any way, there are no specific restrictions on packaging choices.
You can use other types of packaging such as:

  • 15Kg to 30Kg pp bags
  • 5 Kg cartons
  • 1 kg vacuum packages