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What are the types of Iranian pistachio nuts and what are the characteristics of exported pistachio cultivars?
Below is a description of the types of this product along with useful export information.

Many countries in the world, including Iran, the US, Turkey, Greece, etc., produce pistachio crops.
But among all the countries mentioned, the three main countries of Iran, the US and Turkey hold more than 90% of the world’s pistachio market.

“There are many differences between the products of these three countries in terms of appearance as well as quality.
The appearance of these types of pistachios can be seen in this image:”

Pistachio Varieties Comparison

Comparison of quality of Iranian pistachio with other countries:

American Pistachios:

American pistachio is very uniform due to its principle processing and precision in size.
American products are whiter and clearer in color but less green in mantle.
American pistachio varieties generally have poor taste, so they generally do not consume raw nuts.

American pistachio production volume is high but its taste quality is much lower than that of Turkey and Iran.

Turkish Pistachios:

Turkey pistachio has a small size but very green kernel so its use in sweets is very high.
Turkey pistachio tastes better than American pistachio, but weaker than Iranian pistachio.
Turkey’s production volume is low, so it does not have high competitive market in the world.

Turkey pistachio tastes better than the American one but weaker than the Iranian pistachio and has a very low production volume.

Iranian Pistachios

Iran’s pistachio is weaker in size than American pistachio and is not uniform in size.
But the exported Iranian pistachio varieties have excellent pistachio kernel color. As the skin on the kernel is purple and well-colored, and generally the color inside the kernel is green.
Check this article for more information about Iranian Pistachio Kernels.

In terms of taste, Iranian pistachio and especially RAFSANJAN have the best taste.
Iran fresh pistachio protein is very high and has the best taste in the world.

The taste of Iranian pistachio is much better than that of the US and Turkey and of course the production of varieties in Iran is also high.

Iranian-American production is closely related in some respects, and over the years they have been slightly different in terms of production.

But the major difference between the two countries is that Iranian pistachios have excellent taste and protein content. But on the other hand, American pistachio has managed to produce the highest level of health standards.

There are generally 3 types of pistachios in the world known by Latin names:

  1. Long Pistachios
  2. Round Pistachios
  3. Jumbo Pistachios

In Iran this name is different and we have five main categories of pistachios as follows:

Iranian Pistachios Categories
Iranian Pistachios Categories

Various varieties of Iranian pistachio Nuts

Due to the difference in naming Iranian pistachio cultivars with international names, using the following classification you can put these Iranian pistachio cultivars in the following international cultivars:

  • Akbari, Ahmad Aghaie and Badami are the long pistachios in the international market.
  • The Fandoghi (or other name: Ohadi) is the Round Pistachio in the global market.
  • Kalleghouchi pistachio is a very old and well-known name and it’s the Jumbo pistachio on the world market.

In the following, each type of pistachio in Iran introduces.
The following is easily understandable with the image below.


Iranian Pistachios Types
Iranian Pistachios Types

Badami Pistachio:

It is more common in Khorasan province and belongs to Long Pistachio category.
The Iranian name of this type is less heard in the world markets.
Common sizes of this type of pistachio starts from 26 and is available up to 38.

Badami Pistachio Nuts

Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio:

This type is very popular in the world markets.
Its production is very high in Kerman province and it is classified as Long.
Common sizes start at 22 and are available up to 32.

Ahmadaghaei Pistachio Nuts

Akbari Pistachio:

The most well-known and most popular type of Iranian pistachio, which is known in many countries by the same Iranian name, is Akbari.
This type of Iranian pistachio is classified as Long pistachio.
However, due to its size, in many cases they use the special name Super Long for this pistachio.
Akbari variants are available in sizes 20 to 28.

Akbari Pistachio Nuts

Fandoghi Pistachio:

Most of Iran’s production is related to hazelnut pistachio, which is actually Round.
This type of pistachio uses for almost all kinds of export products as well as exporting to all countries and is available in sizes 28 to 40.
Fandaghi pistachio type is finding in almost all provinces of Iran.

Fandoghi Pistachios Nut

Kalleghouchi Pistachio:

This brand of Jumbo is one of the largest pistachio varieties produces in Iran.
Kalleghouchi pistachio nuts are available in sizes from 20 to 28 and are cheaper than Akbari because of their larger production volume.
Except for Canada, India and Iraq, Kalleghouchi pistachio nuts are suitable for almost all other countries.

Jumbo Pistachio
In addition to the above points regarding the Iranian pistachio varieties, it should be noted that recent droughts have made the pistachios smaller in size each year.
As a result, the size of these pistachios should be considered in the harvest season and the crop conditions of the same year.

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