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Armaghan Toushe Sabz Artin Co. (Artinnuts) has established in 2013 aiming to present different and safe services regarding domestic and global markets for its export-oriented products.
The main focus of our company in recent years is on increasing our quality and production capacity for our main products, which means Pistachio, Barberry, and Jujube.

Most of our capacities, activities, and capabilities employed for exporting our products, and because of this approach, we are now processing Iranian Nuts and Dried Fruits at the level of global standards.

  • Export Oriented Products
  • Various Qualities
  • Various Packages
  • Various Terms of Delivery
  • Free Consultation
  • Global Transportation Services

Artin Producting:

  • We have orchards of barberry, located in Birjand and Qa’en, Southern Khorasan Iran.
  • We have orchards of Jujube, Located in Birjand, Southern Khorasan, Iran
  • We have orchards of Pistachios, Located in Qa’en and Neyshabour, Khorasan, Iran.

Artin Processing:

  • We have Freezing Machinery and Cold Storage for Frozen Fresh Barberry, Located in Birjand, Southern Khorasan, Iran.
  • We have drying and sorting lines for barberry and jujubes (Chinese red date), Located in Birjand, Southern Khorasan, Iran.
  • We have peeling, drying, sorting, cracking, and roasting lines for pistachios, Located in Bardaskan, Khorasan, Iran.

Artin Packaging:

  • Special Packages for “dried barberry” with a really higher shelf life and best possible hygienic standards.
  • Designed Packages for roasted nuts in different weights.
  • Various types of packaging.
  • Various packages designed based on consumer’s requirements and tastes with their brand on them for whole selling.

Artin Exporting:

  • We pack your orders based on your required standards.
  • We prepare documents based on your customs requirements.
  • We send your goods based on international incoterms.
  • We make payments based on your current currency
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- Frequently asked questions

Don't worry, It's not that difficult. you just need to make direct contact with our sales department or sales managers. They proceed your orders step by step besides complete free consultation.WhatsApp & Mobile to call us: +98 915 362 7103Email Us Now: info@artinnuts.net
If the term of delivery is CIF, After final confirmation of your order, We send the load with all required documents for clearance in your destination country by means of shipping lines or any other agreed transportation method. There's only clearance procedure from your destination custom that it's on you. if you need further information, We have free consultation services. Call Us: +98 915 362 7103
There are some common documents required for importing dried fruits and nuts: Phytosanitary Certificate, Certificate of Origin and the original B/L. But it might that your customs need some other documents (depend on your countries rules) such as: Afflatoxin Certificate for pistachios nuts and kernels or health certificate for all dried fruits and nuts specially barberry and pistachios.
There are many consumers that like to buy dried fruits and nuts from the producer's country but they are willing to receive products in their own designed packages. (Chain stores, Factories, Brand owners, etc.). ARTINNUTS can do this for you but it needs you to share your design and ideas with our commercial managers to check its feasibility.