Iranian Jujube (Red Date)

- Jujube (Red Date)

Jujube Products

Ziziphus jujuba, or Red Date, Commonly uses as a snack or for medicinal purposes.

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Iranian jujube is less well known in the world markets and most consumers of this product know China as the main producer of jujube in the world.
The quality of jujube taste and minerals is much higher and more nutritious due to the climatic and soil variations of Iranian orchards compared to China.

“What are the main differences between jujube produced in Iran and China?”

  1. The first and foremost difference between jujube of Iran and China is in the taste and nutrient quality of the products produced in these two countries. In fact, jujube of Iran has a sweeter and nutritious taste.
  2. Iranian jujube is smaller in size but Chinese jujube is much larger than Iranian product.
  3. The color of Iranian jujube is usually darker than that of Chinese jujube and it is more difficult to separate the core from its inner mantle.

Season of jujube harvest

Harvesting of jujube begins in August and continues until late September.
Most farmers in Iran harvest the jujube later. In fact, this crop is largely left on the tree branch after being ripe to dry, and then the farmers collect the dry and semi-dry crop from the tree

Iranian Jujube Categorizing and Packaging

Dried jujube (Red Date) is a dried fruit in fact.
Due to the jujube being a dried fruit, there may be a great variety of packaging for this product.

But before packing, product classification is done:

  • Product Category by Size
  • Product Category by Color (Dark or Light)
  • Product Category by Skin Quality (Wrinkle)

Any way, Most common packaging for Jujube is 25Kg bags or 10Kg cartons.

Jujube Uses

Jujube as a dried fruit is suitable for a snack. However, this product has many other uses.

  • A healthy snack
  • Raw material for the manufacture of some herbal remedies
  • One of the best types of herbal teas

One of the well-known delicious products made from jujube is jujube cubes:

jujube cubes

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