Affordable Pistachio Kernels for Ice-Cream and Pastries

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Affordable Pistachio Kernels

Affordable Pistachio Kernels for Ice-Cream and Pastries

How much is the price of affordable pistachio kernels to use in ice-cream and pastries? Why should we search for Iranian pistachios at first?

To answer these question we should know more about:

  1. Pistachio Kernels varieties
  2. Uses of different pistachios in pastries and ice-cream
  3. High-quality pistachio features and parameters
  4. And also much more information about these products

Affordable pistachio kernels of Iran are in use in bulk for sale and export.
Some buyers and traders name these cheaper pistachio kernels as grade 2 kernels.

There are various methods to produce pistachio kernels with lower prices but obviously, the quality would be different.
In fact, you should choose your required pistachio kernels based on your consumption. As a matter of fact, affordable pistachio kernels are the pistachios that are suitable for you and it’s dependent on your type of consumption.

Affordable Pistachio Kernels Production

Affordable Pistachio Kernels Production

In Iran, manufacturers produce different types of pistachio kernels.
All types of pistachios are available in large volumes in Iran.

Two types of Fandoghi and Badami pistachios in the Khorasan province of Iran have the highest use in the production of affordable pistachio kernels.
On the other hand, Ahmad Aghaei, Koleghoochi, and Akbari pistachios have pistachio kernels with higher prices but the appearance of these pistachio kernels is higher.
All of the above are the best options for producing grade 2 pistachio kernels.

Low-yield pistachios of any variety have kernels with lower prices.
Low-yield pistachio kernels cracking is famous in this region and its affordable pistachio kernels are usually available in large quantities all over the country.
Most of these products have a good market in different countries in the region, especially Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Syria, and Iraq.

The competitive affordable price of this product causes the high consumption of it in the production of ice-cream and pastries using pistachio kernels.

One of the active companies in the field of production, processing, and export of this type of pistachio kernel is Artin Commercial/Production Company.

The head office of this company is in Mashhad and the cracking and processing workshops are active in Neishabour and Bardeskton.
For more information and to sign a contract, you can contact the sales unit of this collection.

Grade 2 Pistachio Kernels Wholesale

Grade 2 Pistachio Kernels Wholesale

Artin company produces various types of pistachio kernels.
The most important ones that are in large quantities in the market are as follows:

  • Green pistachio kernels
  • Close-mouth pistachio kernels
  • Halved and crushed pistachio kernels
  • Pistachio granules
  • Low Price pistachio kernels
  • Peeled Green Pistachio Kernels
  • Also, Pistachio slivers and slices

Each of these products has its own special customers in different domestic and export markets.
All these products are available in the Artin company.

One of the competitive advantages of this company is the laser and color sorting of all products.
But products that, in addition to manual sorting, sorted by color sorting machine, are with less than 1% waste into the package.
This 1% is also for device error and manpower eye error.

Communication ways to get pictures and daily prices of products within the website are on the contact page.
Also, if you wish, you can now contact the sales department colleagues by clicking on the image below in WhatsApp.

Affordable Pistachio Kernels for Export/Import

Affordable Pistachio Kernels for Export/Import

As mentioned in the previous sections, low-price pistachio kernels are for export to different countries.
These products are in use in various industries such as ice-cream and pastries production due to their green inner kernel.

The most important and main applications and buyers of low-price pistachio kernels are the producers of the following products:

  • Persian GAZ and Traditional pastries
  • Sohan
  • Ice-cream
  • Cakes and sweets
  • Baklava
  • Turkish Delights (LOKUM)
  • Also Chocolate
  • And also, Meat products (sausages and…)

In the Artin production company, high-quality products are available for export/import.
In Iraq, Ukraine and Russia, low-price Iranian pistachio kernels have many buyers.
For more information about the export of these products, you can contact our sales managers.

You can also wait for the call of our colleagues by completing the forms available on the site.
Also, please complete the forms accurately and completely so that the relevant unit can contact you.

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