Affordable Price for Purchasing Chopped Pistachios

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Purchasing Chopped Pistachios

Affordable Price for Purchasing Chopped Pistachios

Purchasing chopped pistachios for import in high quantity needs an affordable price. Pistachio slivers and slices mostly buy/sell besides pistachio nuts and kernels.

High quality Iranian chopped green pistachio is one of the most popular products in world markets.
The main shopping center for pistachio slices and slivers in Iran is Qazvin, Kerman and Mashhad.

Slivered and Sliced Pistachios Producers

Pistachios Producers

Chopping pistachio factories and workshops mostly locates near the pistachio production center.
As you know, the center of pistachio production in Iran is Kerman province.
But most of the products of Iranian pistachio slices and slivers do not belong to this province.

Rather, Qazvin province has the highest sales of chopped pistachios.

The main reason for Qazvin and Buin Zahra to become the main production center for pistachio slices is the type of pistachio producing in this region of the country.
Qazvini pistachio has a very green kernel, long shape and with a suitable percentage of fat.

This type of pistachio kernels are perfect to produce slivered and sliced pistachios. Obviously, The output of these pistachio kernels is one of the best selling slivered and sliced pistachios.
Purchasing such a chopped pistachios is the best option if you want to start this business.

It goes without saying that Qazvin pistachios be sending to other provinces at the beginning of the season.

Many slice and sliver ​producers in Kerman and Khorasan provinces buy their raw materials (pistachio kernels) from Qazvin province.

Purchasing Chopped Pistachios with Affordable Price

Purchasing Chopped Pistachios

As mentioned, the pistachio slices producing with Qazvini kernels are very good.

But its shopping center is not only in Qazvin province and other production units across the country also offer this product.
In Kerman and Khorasan provinces, in addition to Qazvin, the production volume of pistachio slices is significant.

Since most traders and buyers of Iranian pistachios go to these two provinces, they also procure pistachio by-products from other provinces.
In particular, it is not possible to determine a specific center for purchasing chopped pistachios for export.

But in the provinces producing pistachios, the number of slicing units is high.

One of the units producing pistachio slices and slivers in Iran is Artin Commercial Production Factory.

In this company, all matters regarding production, packaging, transportation and all customs procedures about pistachios and other products performe.

Artin Chopped Pistachios Online Sales

Artin Chopped Pistachios

In Artin nuts and dried fruits company, many orders supply impersonal and through online stores of this company.

With the popularity of this collection in the dried fruit market, many customers inside and outside Iran buy their pistachio slices for import from this company just by making direct contact with sales managers.

Of course, due to price fluctuations in the field of pistachios, it is not possible to post the current price of products on the website.
In this regard, various communication channels have been placed to communicate with the sales unit.
The easiest way is to fill out contact forms with the site support units.

Consumption of Green Pistachio Slivers and Slices

Green Pistachio Slivers

Green pistachio slices and slivers have countless uses.
But it mostly consume in the cake and confectionery industry.

The purchase of Iranian pistachios for export/import from Iran relates to countries that are known in the field of confectionery production.
Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Canada and Turkey are the major buyers of Iranian chopped pistachios.

In addition to the confectionery and bakery industry, this product is used in the field of cooking a variety of Iranian and non-Iranian foods.
Green pistachios are also using in ice cream, as well as in the production of Lokum and Halva.

Purchasing Chopped Pistachios in other countries

Purchasing Chopped Pistachios

As we explained in the previous sections, the highest purchase of Iranian green pistachios for export/import is related to the countries that are most active in the field of confectionery.

In addition, it is using in other areas.

The highest amount of Iranian pistachio exports is to the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Russia

Traders and activists in the pistachio field often buy pistachio slices in addition to their major orders.

In other words, the amount of sliced ​​orders is much less than pistachios and pistachio kernels, and most of the purchases in the field of pistachio slices are between 1 to 5 tons per part load.

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