Afghan Green Pistachio for Ice cream and Pastries

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Afghan Green Pistachio for Ice cream and Pastries

High-quality Afghan green pistachio kernels, although small, have excellent color and they are perfect to use in Ice cream and pastries.

The bulk supply of this product in Iran is usually through wholesale markets and its products in Mashhad.
Afghan pistachio kernels are also known as mountain or Herati. It is known by this name because this type of pistachio is harvested from trees in the mountains and heights of Herat.

In some parts of Sarakhs region in Iran, this type of pistachio is also present, but its volume is low and companies need a license to harvest them.
For this reason, some companies import the in-shell pistachios from Afghanistan to Iran and crack them with automatic devices. Also, there are other subsequent processes to perform on it.

Due to the small size of Afghan pistachios, the percentage of the shell between the kernels is very high and the need for sorting and cleansing is felt.

Afghan Green Pistachio Kernels Market

Until a few years ago, due to economic conditions and the exchange rate of  USD to IRR, this type of kernel was in use for various markets inside Iran. Lokum, Nougat, Sohan, baklava production units, and cakes and pastries were the main buyers and consumption of this product.

But due to the increase in the price of Afghan green pistachio kernels in the domestic market of Iran, many of these producers went for cheaper pistachio kernels. But few manufacturers still use this product.

Currently, the Afghan pistachios export market is increasing more than domestic sales.
This product has many buyers in countries such as Turkey, Ukraine, Iraq and some other Arab countries. They are looking to buy this product because of its wonderful green color and good taste.

Afghan pistachios are most in use as a raw material for ice cream, cakes, and pastries because they are small in size and less in use for nuts.

Best Prices for Herati Pistachio Kernels

Forest/Herati pistachio kernels are more expensive than some types of regular and normal pistachio kernels (products of Kerman and Khorasan pistachio orchards). Therefore, having a competitive price is one of the important parameters for trading this product.

Afghan pistachio kernels have generally two categories: Milky-skin and Purple-skin. The type of Milky-skin is much greener than the Purple-skin type. And in different markets, they choose from among these products according to their needs.

Very few dried fruit wholesale units in Iran offer this product in bulk; Some of these units themselves carry out all efforts of the cracking, production, and processing procedures of this valuable product. These production units are the best option to choose in terms of price.

In addition, before packing, if you need more sorting and special packaging in these industrial units, it is possible and everything is exactly according to the needs of customers.

One of the main suppliers of high-quality Afghan green pistachio kernels is the Artin Pistachio Company, which is in Mashhad. In this collection, different types of pistachio kernels are available to customers in bulk packages:

PP Bags, Jumbo Bags, Catrons, Vacuum Packages

To receive the price of this product, you can contact the experts of Artin pistachio kernel sales unit.

Afghan Green Pistachio Kernels Purchase

Always direct purchase without intermediation has the cost price of the product to be at its lowest level. On the other hand, with the advancement of technology and the expansion of the use of the Internet, it has caused many acquaintances with production units to be from the Internet and cyberspace.

This is the reason that you see many non-in-person purchases even with high quantities. Of course, in online and in-person purchases, the ability to supply and produce the product must first be examined.

Artin Company is one of the active companies in the field of producing various types of pistachio kernels. This company is especially active in the production of Afghan green pistachio kernels.
The office of this company is in Mashhad and the factory is in an industrial zone. To register an order and sign a contract, you can contact the sales department. Its information is in the consulting and sales section of the website.

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