Afghan Green Pistachio Kernels Price and Wholesale

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Afghan Green Pistachio Kernels Price and Wholesale

Afghan Green Pistachio Kernels Price and Wholesale

Afghan Green Pistachio Kernels have a good price in comparison with their green color. Their wholesale market is growing day by day.

Are you familiar with wild green Afghan pistachio kernels?
What is the price of each kilogram of this product if it is supplied directly from the manufacturer?
In the Sarakhs region of Khorasan (Iran), there are forests that stretch from east to kilometers in Turkmenistan and from south to kilometers in Afghanistan and Iran.
Forests of wild Afghan green pistachio trees are very similar to ordinary pistachios but are much smaller in size and greener in kernels color.

The main volume of growth of these products is in the highlands of Afghanistan.
For this reason, the name of this product is also Harati or Afghanistan pistachios.

What are the Differences of Afghan Green Pistachio Kernels?

What are the Differences of Afghan Green Pistachio Kernels?In addition to the fact that the Afghan pistachio type is much smaller than ordinary Iranian products, the color of this pistachio kernel is also much greener.
For this reason, these nuts are widely in use in decorating and producing various sweets, such as Baklava and Sohan.
The taste of wild Herati forest pistachio kernels is slightly different from ordinary pistachio kernels.

The volume of wild pistachio harvest is much less than normal pistachio.
For this reason, in some periods of time or in years when there is little rainfall, the supply of this product decreases.

In Iran, in order to harvest from pastures, we must have a license from the relevant organizations.
During the year, especially in the harvest season, this product is available in bulk.
But as we reach the final months, the supply is less and it is not possible to supply a large volume of wild pistachio kernels.

Afghan Green Pistachio Kernels Wholesale

Afghan Green Pistachio Kernels WholesaleThe main sale of wild pistachio kernels in Iran is in two ways.

  • Supplying of products from pistachio harvesting companies from Sarakhs heights in Khorasan Razavi province of Iran.
  • Buying product from pistachio kernel importers from Afghanistan

The first case is usually available in a very low volume.
In fact, it is not allowed to harvest from pastures for many years.
For this reason, the volume of production and sales of this product inside Iran is low.
But wild pistachios are available in Iran from Afghanistan in large quantities.
A limited number of companies have specialized cracking devices for this product.

Because forest pistachio is small and it can not be processed with regular and normal pistachio cracking machines.
This number of forest pistachio kernel producers is also active in Khorasan Razavi province.
Because being close to the borders of Afghanistan, transportation and delivery of goods are easier.

One of the major suppliers of green forest pistachio kernels is the Artin Production Company.
In this unit, forest pistachio kernels are prepared, processed, and packaged in large volumes for use inside and outside Iran.
All products are sorted by hand so that there is the least skin among the pistachio kernels.

If you want to buy bulk or export wild pistachio kernels, you can contact our partners in the sales department. To provide you with the necessary images, samples, and information as soon as possible:

The Best Pistacchio Kernels Price

The Best Pistacchio Kernels PriceAs you know, there are two types of Afghan wild pistachio kernels in the market.
These two types are according to the appearance and greenness of pistachio kernels:

  1. Milky-skin wild pistachio kernel
  2. Purple-skin wild pistachio kernels

The greenness of the Milky-skin type is more than the Purple-skin type because it has been harvested earlier.
Other parameters also have a direct impact on determining the price of this type of pistachio kernel.

The most important of which is the supply and demand in the market.
Which was discussed in previous episodes.
Other parameters affecting the daily price of wild pistachio kernels include cleanliness and the presence of foreign substances. Which are very important due to the small size of this product.

To receive the daily price of the best types of green pistachio kernels, you can contact our colleagues in the Artin sales department right now.
All the necessary information will be provided to you.

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