Afghan Pistachios in Dubai | Green Kernels Suppliers for UAE

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Afghan Pistachios in Dubai | Green Kernels Suppliers for UAE

The Artin company is one of the exporters who supply Afghan pistachios in Dubai. Are you searching for green kernels suppliers in UAE?

There are a lot of Iranian pistachios producers in Iran but not all of them are exporters and suppliers of Iranian/Afghan green kernels.

One of the most popular products for export/import to the UAE is Herati or Afghan pistachio kernels. In fact, most of this product is in use for re-export to India.
Due to the production method and harvesting conditions, wild pistachios are almost organic.

The UAE is a world of business. In fact, Dubai, with its numerous shopping malls and wholesale centers, is the hub of many companies in the East and Central Asian markets.
From any company anywhere in the world, we see a representative or business partner in the UAE who is responsible for purchasing or meeting the needs of that company in the Middle East markets or the sales representative of their products.

Features of Afghan Green Pistachio Kernels

Afghan pistachio kernel is one of the best and highest quality pistachio kernels that has many fans in far and near countries.
This pistachio kernel with its green color gives a beautiful effect to any foodstuff.
It’s not difficult to find an Afghan pistachios supplier in Iran if you are in Dubai. Why do we tell you to find Afghan pistachio in Iran? Because Afghan pistachios are available in the wild forests of pistachios at the border of Iran and Afghanistan. And in fact, Iran is more active to produce and export this variety of pistachio kernels. Therefore, if you can make direct contact with Iranian suppliers and exporters of Afghan pistachios in Iran, they can deliver products to you in Dubai.

Afghan green pistachio kernels, which are 100% organic product, is one of the very special products of Iran and Afghanistan.
This product is available in Khorasan province and the name Herati is due to the fact that a large amount of this product is also available in Afghanistan.
In the following sections, we have more details about this type of pistachio kernel and its features and producers. This information is valuable for you if you are searching for green pistachio kernels suppliers in UAE.

How to Purchase Afghan Pistachio Kernels in Iran?

As you now know, Herati pistachio kernels are available in abundance in Afghanistan. On the other hand, this product is also available in the Sarakhs region (Somewhere in North-Eastern of Iran). Due to this issue, the best place to buy Herati pistachio kernels is Khorasan Razavi province. In this province, not only the nuts of the Sarakhs region are available, but also the pistachio kernels of Herati in Afghanistan are available.
But due to the many sellers of products such as Afghan pistachios, it is very difficult to buy without intermediaries. In fact, there are always some brokers that change the real competitive price.

In recent years, we have seen high growth in social media and online wholesales of products. This leads to a good boom in online wholesales of agricultural products in bulk.
By buying your products online, you can get your product at a lower price and much faster. In fact, you can make your purchase from the manufacturers with a simple call.

Artin company is also one of the collections that, due to its relationships and structure, has many advantages for merchants in the field of online purchase of pistachios and its products.
For advice or to buy different types of wild pistachios, especially Afghan pistachio kernels, you can contact the consultants of Artin Company.

Prices of Afghan Pistachios in Dubai

Herati pistachio kernels are generally divided into two groups:

  • Flowering or Purple skin Kernels
  • Green or Milky skin Kernels

Afghan Green pistachio kernel is a pistachio kernel that separates from the tree when it is not fully ripe.
This type of pistachio kernel is small in size, but its beautiful green color has given a perfect effect to this type of pistachio kernel.
On the other hand, the purple skin pistachio kernels are ripe and large in size.
But the color of this type of pistachio kernel is lighter than that of green pistachio kernel.

Several parameters are influential in determining the price of these two types of pistachio kernels.

Pistachio kernel type (Purple or Milky skin)
Product order volume
Package type
Pistachio kernel color
Percentage of foreign matter
Pistachio kernel size

Obviously, There is a lot of information that you might need for your business. Therefore, we advise you to make direct contact to ask your questions.

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