Afghan Pistachios in Turkey | Green Kernels Supplier

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Afghan Pistachios in Turkey | Green Kernels Supplier

Afghan pistachios in Turkey. Iranian green pistachio kernels for export/import to Turkey. A good supplier of Iranian and Afghan nuts in bulk.

Afghan pistachio kernel with its extraordinary green color has a large volume of exports to Turkey. Also, countries such as Lebanon and
Armenia is a fan of this product.

This product has been welcomed in international markets for several important reasons. We will mention the characteristics of this type of pistachio kernel.

Afghan pistachios have various uses in Turkey. And this issue increases the transactions in this area.

Features of Afghan Green Pistachios

The first feature of this type of pistachio kernel is its green color. This makes Afghan pistachios suitable for various uses, including confectionery decorations and food, and that is exactly why Turkey, which is one of the main consumers of green pistachio kernel, uses it.

The second feature is the taste of this product. Its high protein causes its perfect taste.

The third and most important feature of this type of pistachio kernel is that it is organic. Which makes European and Asian markets (that are active in the field of organic products) significantly welcome Afghan pistachio kernel.

In recent years, we have seen people from different countries, including Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy, turn to use completely organic products.
This case creates great opportunities for traders and merchants of pistachio kernel products. And of course, we should note that day by day, considering the level of people’s health, we will see more and more of these organic products.

Uniform and Sorted Afghan Pistachios for Turkey

It is not possible to use sorting machines to clean this type of green pistachio kernel like other pistachio kernels. And the reason is that this type of pistachio kernel is really small.
The cleaning of these pistachio kernels means removing hard shell pieces, stones, or any other foreign materials.

For this reason, producers place Afghan pistachio kernels on a roll or conveyor. And workers remove additional materials (such as pistachio skins, unhealthy pistachio kernels, etc.). Before this step, producers clean these kernels by means of color sorting devices as much as possible.

Generally, Turkish traders pay a lot of attention to the clean and sorted nature of this type of pistachio kernel, because this pistachio kernel is often dumped in confectionery machines, and if there are any wastes in this pistachio kernel, the machines and sweets are seriously damaged.
Think about a small stone inside a pastry or ice cream. How bad can it be? How dangerous can it be?

In the next part, we have more information about the producers of Afghan pistachios and buying them for import to Turkey.

Purchasign Green Kernels for Turkey

The price of pistachio kernels is dependent on certain parameters and characteristics.
Among these features, we can mention the color of the pistachio kernel, its size, and the type of packaging of the pistachio kernel.

Of course, as you know, Herati/Afghan pistachio kernels have high exports. Therefore, the price of this type of kernel is highly dependent on the exchange rate of USD/IRR.
Due to the large fluctuations in this rate, we are also witnessing large fluctuations in the price of this type of pistachio kernel.
For this reason, it is recommended to have the daily price of pistachio kernels in mind.

Artin compsny is one of the compsnies that with its years of experience is able to create many advantages for merchants.
With its numerous structures and relationships, this collection is able to sell products online, make purchases easier and reduce the cost among its main advantages.

In fact, you can easily find out the current price of products with a simple call and buy the product.

Perhaps if you are going to buy Afghan green pistachio kernels, one of your main problems is finding the main and large producers and suppliers of this type of pistachio kernels.
Or maybe you can not easily travel to different countries like Afghanistan. But you can easily get in touch with the consultants of Artin Company and finally the main producers of pistachio kernels.

To consult, buy, export or receive the price of Herati pistachio kernel, you can contact the consultants of Artin Company.
The consultants of this company will help you in the path of easy shopping and providing high quality products.

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