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Afghanistan Pistachios Wholesale and Supply - Artin Nuts

Afghanistan Pistachios Wholesale and Supply – Artin Nuts

Afghanistan pistachios wholesale market is a little weak but the quality of this product is perfect. Artin Nuts Co. can supply this product in bulk.

The Afghanistan wild pistachio kernels are one of the greenest varieties in the market.
This product is also available in the market under the names of Wild Pistachios, Herati Pistachios, and Mountainous Pistachios.

These pistachios grow in high volumes in the highlands and forests of Afghanistan.
Forest pistachio shrubs’ production volume every year depends on the climatic conditions.

In years when the rainfall is good and the weather conditions are favorable, the volume of harvest is very high.

Afghanistan Pistachios Wholesale Center

Afghanistan Pistachios Wholesale Center

Wild pistachios are available in two countries, Iran and Afghanistan. In the eastern parts of Iran, there is a small part of the wild pistachio forests.
But most of it is in Afghanistan and for this reason, the other name of this product is Herati or Afghani pistachio.
Forest pistachio is harvested in Iran in Sarakhs city in Khorasan Razavi province.
Of course, the harvest of these heights’ trees requires a permit from the Natural Resources Organization.

Most of the pistachios and kernels of this product are available in Iran through the Afghan market and Iranian suppliers are selling these products in different cities.
Most of the pistachio kernel products are in use for export to Turkey, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.
This product is in use for the preparation of various sweets and foods due to its green color and wonderful taste.

Wild pistachio kernels are in the category of small but expensive products.
Afghanistan pistachios wholesale for India and Turkey is the most reason for their high price. In fact, these two markets purchase these pistachio kernels to produce delicious and perfect pastries.

This product is different from other types of normal pistachios due to its small size and cracking procedure.
Adjusting the machine and sieving pistachio kernels is one of the main processes of production and sale of these pistachio kernels.
Afghanistan pistachio kernels supply with high quality is not that easy and if you can somehow provide a good quality of this product, there’s a perfect wholesale market for it in any country.

Afghanistan Pistachio Kernels’ Largest Producer

Afghanistan Pistachio Kernels' Largest Producer

Pistachio cracking costs are high in Afghanistan. For this reason, most pistachios are imported to Iran from Afghanistan.
In Iran, a limited number of companies crack pistachios and after performing all the processes, they sell or export this product (Wild Pistachio Kernels).

In this regard, the largest producers of Afghan pistachio kernels are in the Khorasan province of Iran.
Of course, pistachio kernels are also sent directly from the Afghan market to the Iranian market and its sales volume is high.

As mentioned, mountain pistachio is very small and a high percentage of pistachio skin remains in the kernel when you crack them.
For this reason, producers should remove and sort these skins and foreign materials from the load by different methods.
Initially, they remove some of the skins by means of the wind.
However, it is necessary to perform the cleaning operation manually or using laser sorting devices. Because, if these hard skins are in the middle of the products, it may harm the end consumer.

In this regard, the production process of forest pistachio kernels is longer than other types of pistachio kernels.

Wild Pistachios Varieties in Wholesale Markets

Wild Pistachios Varieties in Wholesale Markets

You must control and consider various criteria to determine the price of pistachio kernels.
The first and most important is the type and variety of the kernels. There are two main varieties for these pistachio kernels:

  1. Milky Skin Pistachio Kernels
  2. Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels

Milky skin pistachio kernels have a greener mantle. In fact, the inside of this variety is more green. Therefore, this variety is really more interesting for the pastry and sweet producers.

By the way, Purple skin pistachio kernels are cheaper and both have their own customers in the market.
Forest pistachio kernels are available in 20, 30, or 50 kg sacks and 10 kg cartons.
These 10 kg cartons can also be vacuumed, which increases the shelf life of the product and causes less damage to the pistachio kernel during transportation.

Other characteristics of the pistachio kernel that are effective in determining its price include the following.

  • Variety (Milky Skin or Purple Skin)
  • The amount and percentage of foreign matter (including skin)
  • Uniformity of shape, variety, and size
  • Freshness and good taste
  • Packaging

All these factors, along with the supply and demand in the market, determine the price of pistachio kernels.
If you want to know the price of this product, you can contact the Artin pistachio sales unit.
This group is one of the largest suppliers of Afghan pistachio kernels in Iran.

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