AhmadAghaei Pistachios for Ukraine | Long Pistachio Nuts for Sale

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AhmadAghaei Pistachios for Ukraine | Long Pistachio Nuts for Sale

Ahmadaghaei Pistachios for Ukraine and Russia’s markets should have a low price and a good appearance. Check Long pistachio nuts for sale.

A mixture of NO and MO Ahmadaghaei Pistachio is perfect for the sale of pistachio nuts in Ukraine. And now, mightly your question is about NO and MO pistachios.

Iranian pistachios exported to Ukraine are often the cheapest types and are mostly roasted with lemon and salt.
The highest demand for Iranian products after Ahmad Aghaei pistachios is Kalleghouchi and Fandoghi.
In this market, in addition to pistachios, there are many buyers of other products such as raisins and barberry, and there is a very good market for Iranian products.

Ukrainian or Iranian companies operating in this country have excellent business relations with their economic partners in Iran. Which has good profitability in some time periods.

Which Pistachios to Buy for Ukraine

A large volume of pistachios in Iran is in use for export to different countries.
One of these countries is Ukraine.
Now the question is what kind of pistachio should we choose to export/import to this country.
The important point in importing to Ukraine is that Iran is not the only country exporting pistachio nuts to Ukraine.
Greece, Turkey, and America are the three other countries that trying to step into Ukraine pistachio’s market.

The other point is that Ahmadaghaei pistachio has a good sale in Ukraine. Therefore, Iranian pistachio has a better chance in this market.

Due to this, the price of pistachios in this country is very competitive. For this reason, Class C pistachios are in use to export pistachios to Ukraine.
C class pistachios are in fact the MO pistachios. This pistachio has a lower price than other qualities. Obviously, the lower price is the only advantage of MO pistachios in the Ukraine market.
Therefore, If you have any plan to export Iranian Ahmadaghaei pistachios to Ukraine, MO pistachio nuts have the advantage of lower prices.

Wholesale of AhmadAghaei Pistachios for Ukraine

In the previous section, we found out that MO pistachios are in use for import to Ukraine.
Now the question is what kind of MO pistachio is suitable for export/import to this country.

Generally, Kaleghoochi pistachios or Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are in use for the Ukraine market.
Of course, we do not mean that NO pistachios are not available in the market of Ukraine. Rather, pistachios are generally MO or are a mixture of a certain percentage of MO pistachios.

What are MO and NO Pistachios?

There are closed-mouth pistachios available in the market of Iran that they use for two purposes:

  • At first, most of the closed-mouth pistachios are in use to produce pistachio kernels by cracking their shells
  • Secondly, there are some methods to open their mouths and use them as an open in-shell pistachio nut.

This method of opening pistachios needs mechanical procedures. Therefore, they name it Mechanical Opening. And this “MO” name, stands for these mechanical open pistachios.

One of the points that we must observe in exporting to European countries is the amount of aflatoxin in pistachios.
You generally receive aflatoxin certification for export to European countries such as Ukraine.
Of course, there are other points to consider in terms of the type of packaging and roasting.

Artin Company’s Pistachio Processing

One of the most important sectors in the export of agricultural products is the production sector.
To export to different countries, we must first examine our target market. Examining the target market helps us to know the demands of the consumers of that country and to have a product according to these demands.

For example, mostly salty pistachios and in some cases raw pistachios are in use in Ukraine. Due to the different uses of pistachios in this country, pistachios with different characteristics will be sent. For example, for export to Ukraine, sometimes very salty pistachios are better (Pistachios with a high percentage of salt).

On the other hand, some countries may consume raw pistachios. Special packaging is generally not in use for export to a country like Ukraine. In fact, 95% of pistachio imports to this country are in bulk.

Apart from these points, you should also pay attention to other points for exporting and selling. Therefore, exporting to these countries will be somewhat difficult. So if you do not have the necessary experience to do this, it is recommended that you go with an expert and get advice from him. If you are a businessman with a high level of work experience, you can also do your work quickly and start purchasing.

For advice, purchase, or export/import of pistachios to different countries, you can contact the consultants of the Artin collection.

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