Akbari Pistachio in Iraq | Iranian Raw and Roasted Nuts

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Akbari Pistachio in Iraq | Iranian Raw and Roasted Nuts

Akbari Pistachio in Iraq | Iranian Raw and Roasted Nuts

Akbari pistachio in Iraq is really well known and there are many Iranian suppliers that export raw and roasted nuts to Iraq markets.

Also, the export of low-price Akbari pistachios to the Iraqi market is very high.
This type of pistachio is available in bulk packages along with Ahmad Aghaei pistachios in the form of roasted and salted pistachios.

The Iraqi market has two general parts.
Part of this market tends to buy low-price pistachios and a small part of them buy higher qualities of pistachios. In fact, this is true not only in Iraq but also in most countries.

There are different varieties of pistachios available in Iran for you to buy. But obviously, you should consider the taste of your market.
In the following, we will provide you with more details about the export of pistachios to Iraq.

Different Types of Iranian Pistachios

Different Types of Iranian PistachiosPistachios have different types and are available in the orchards of Kerman, Khorasan Razavi, and Yazd provinces.
Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Fandoghi, Koleghouchi, and Badami pistachios are the most well-known types of pistachios.

To measure the quality of pistachios and the best time and opportunities to purchase them, some parameters are important.
The most important measurement parameter is the size of the pistachio (Per Ounce).
Pistachio size number is 2 even consecutive numbers.

In fact, when they say that pistachio ounce is 22-24, it means that in 142.5 grams of pistachios, we have 22 to 24 bunches of 5 pistachios (or the counts of pistachios in one ounce (28.3 gr) is between 22-24).

The smaller the number of ounces, the larger the size of the pistachio. For example, pistachio 28-30 is smaller than pistachio 24-26.
In general, all types of pistachios can be in 2 categories:

  1. Natural Open Pistachios
  2. Mechanical Open Pistachios

MO or Mechanical Open pistachios refers to pistachios that are closed-mouth and the producer opens them mechanically.
This is usually done using cold water in pistachio production centers.

MO pistachios have different qualities due to the quality of the closed-mouth pistachios.
Obviously, When Akbari pistachio in Iraq is of interest to buyers, you need to check if the quality is MO or NO?

Given that the price of MO type of pistachio is lower than natural open pistachios, it has many fans in some markets.
Iraq, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Ukraine are the main buyers of Iranian MO pistachios.

AhmadAghaei & Akbari Pistachio Nuts for Iraq

AhmadAghaei & Akbari Pistachio Nuts for IraqAmong the types of pistachios produced in Iran, 2 types of Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei are of the best sales.
On the other hand, mechanically opening this type of pistachio is easier and faster than other types.
These two types of pistachios are in the category of long pistachios.

To export pistachios, you must first determine exactly where the ultimate target market is the product.
This is to prepare and process the product according to their needs.

As explained in the previous sections, Iraq has different markets.
For example, the products for Kurdistan are different from the products for Baghdad and Karbala.

For this reason, careful selection and purchase of the product are some of the most important points in the export of Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei pistachio to Iraq.

the Artin Production company is one of the activists in the field of pistachio exports to neighboring countries.
The main specialty of this company is the export of low-price MO pistachios. Which is sent raw or salted to customers in other countries, especially Iraq and Russia.

Purchasing pistachios for Iraq

Purchasing pistachios for IraqSince the Iraqi and Russian markets are very competitively priced, the product should be purchased at the lowest possible price.
In other words, many people in these markets are offering major types of pistachios.
The best option to have the price of the product with the cheapest possible condition is to communicate with the production units.

Various factories in Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces are producing and processing MO pistachios.
Also, you should know that most of the MO pistachios in the market of Iraq are not raw (they are salty).

On the other hand, some customers want the quality of pistachios to be better.
For this reason, they order pistachios in the form of a mixture of MO and NO pistachios.

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