Anab Online Purchase Website | Bulk Wholesale

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Anab Online Purchase Website | Bulk Wholesale

Anab Online Purchase Website | Bulk Wholesale

Anab online purchase websites are usually for retailers but the Artin nuts and dried fruits website is for bulk wholesale for exporters and impoerters.

It is possible to buy high-quality and first-class dried jujube from South Khorasan through the Artin website.
The jujube production center is in Khorasan, but it is also available throughout the country (Iran).

Iranian red jujube (Anab) has many healing properties.
Therefore, fresh and dried jujube is in use to treat or prevent various diseases.
Now it’s possible to buy Iranian Anab online and your purchase can be in bulk packages for high quantities.

Fresh jujube is available in high volumes during the harvest season, ie August and September.
But after that, jujube is available in dried form in wholesale markets by producers.

Iranian Anab Online Purchase

Iranian Anab Online Purchase

To buy high-quality jujube, we must be familiar with the quality parameters of this product.
We will explain these in detail in the next part of your service.
But jujube should be mainly sought in the origin of its production.

As you are aware, the largest jujube producing city in South Khorasan Province is in Birjand.
In this region, barberry, jujube, and saffron are produced professionally and are offered in domestic and export markets.
Iranian Anab is one of the main products of hardworking farmers in this region of the country.

The harvest season of this product is usually in late summer and depending on weather conditions in some villages with a difference of 10 to 15 days of harvest operations.
The main method of harvesting jujube, depending on the height of the trees, is to use a tree vibrator or to hit the tree branches manually.
The main producers, which have a large area under jujube cultivation, use up-to-date devices for speed of operation.
So that the product enters the factory with less damage to perform other sorting and processing steps.

Classy Jujube Quality Parameters

Classy Jujube Quality Parameters

To buy the first-class jujube, we need to know what criteria should be of importance when trading this product.
The most important and main criterion for measuring quality and price is the size of the jujube.
There is no specific method for measuring the size of jujube and this feature is especially depending on appearance.

Another factor in determining the quality of jujube is paying attention to the color of jujube. The redder the jujube, the more popular it is.
Of course, light-colored jujube also has its own customers. For example, most Iraqi businessmen like this type of jujube.
The next feature that is of importance is the amount and percentage of jujube wrinkles on its dried skin.

Jujube wrinkles often increase in years when rainfall is low or atmospheric stresses occur and temperatures rise.
The smoother the jujube, the more it is welcomed for nut consumption.
You can purchase Iranian Anab and other products of Khorasan province from the Artin company and you need to determine your required quality parameters for your online purchase.

Other criteria such as the percentage of pest, the amount of kernel to jujube meat, and its packaging are also important in bulk when buying.
By paying attention to all these cases, you can buy jujube with ease.

If you need advice on buying different types of jujube, you can use the advice and sales page.

Purchasing Jujube from Producer

Purchasing Jujube from Producer

Considering the quality characteristics of jujube, we find that there is a wide range of jujube with different degrees of quality.
From one point of view, we can say that the choice becomes very difficult.
But from another angle, it can be said that jujube can be found according to the budget.

This makes the credibility and trust of the parties in the jujube transaction must be high in order to prepare and package the best product at the desired price.

In the Artin jujube production company, jujube is usually available in 7 different sizes.
This method makes it easier for customers to choose jujube. You can also contact the sales department to see pictures of each of these products.
Our partners will send you photos and videos of each grade in the shortest time along with the price list.
In the following, one of the methods of communication is provided to you.

You can make the first message or call right now.

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