Anab Wholesale for Export/Import from Iran

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Anab Wholesale

Anab Wholesale for Export/Import from Iran

The ANAB wholesale market is in Iran. In fact, Iran is the main producer of this dried fruit. You can contact Artin company for export/import.

Here in this article, we will explain more about Iranian Anab. Iranian Anab has other names in the wholesale market of the world:

  • Jujube
  • Ziziphus Jujuba
  • Unnab
  • Anab
  • Onab

The purchase price of the first-class jujube in bulk is very important.
The best option is to connect with wholesale markets in the Khorasan province of Iran.
In these markets, the best jujube is available at competitive prices.
You can also get the price per kilo of dried jujube from active production units around Birjand city in Khorasan.

The Iranian Anab wholesale market is not that familiar with export markets. In fact, you see most of the Iranian jujubes in the domestic market.
So, the Iranian jujube has a lot of capacity for export/import.

High-Quality Khorasan Anab Wholesale

High-Quality Khorasan Anab Wholesale

The main jujube production center in Iran is Khorasan and if you are searching for the best and most competitive prices, the main wholesale market of Iranian Anab is in this province as well.

Some of these units have sales offices in other provinces that are easier to buy.
Dried jujube is available in Iran during the year.
But fresh jujube can only be bought in the harvest season because these jujubes have a low shelf life and can not be stored for long.
Fresh jujube comes in the market immediately and reaches the consumer as soon as possible after the harvest season.

Iranian Anab is smaller than Chinese and Russian jujube fruits.
But Iranian jujube is used both as a nut and as a medicine.

The closer we get to the center of jujube production, ie South Khorasan, the lower the price of jujube.
To determine the price of a dried jujube, jujube processing workshops put different prices on different jujubes after drying and sieving (sorting by large sieves) the jujube.

Buy Artin Jujube Fruits Online

Buy Artin Jujube Fruits Online

With the rise of the Internet and the increasing involvement of people with cyberspace, we are seeing that sales and purchases are made online.
This is also true for buying and selling jujube, and in recent years, you see many online bulk purchases that are in bulk.
Given that the Artin jujube company sorts its products into different quality categories, there are various points to discuss.

Jujube has different types and characteristics.
Artin dried fruit company is one of the companies that are active in the field of production and sale of the first-class jujube.

The advantages of the Artin collection include the following:

  • In Artin’s factory, due to the production of the product by the customer’s order, jujube has a desirable quality and freshness.
  • Due to the integration of processing and sales stages, jujube is available for Artin’s customers at the lowest price.

So you can buy the highest quality jujube at the lowest price by buying from Artin Trading.
Iranian Anab has different categories in the wholesale markets.

Iranian Jujube Pricing

Iranian Jujube Pricing

Jujube is available in different types.
These jujubes are separated from each other according to certain characteristics and indicators.
Here are some of these features.

  1. The larger the size of the jujube we are looking at, the higher the quality and price.
  2. Another characteristic of jujube’s quality is the minimal amount of jujube wrinkles.
  3. Jujube color will also have effects on customer friendliness and price.

The Artin company distributes its products of jujube in 8 different categories.
The first 5 groups of these 8 groups include jujube nuts (Jujubes using as a nut).

The next 3 groups also form jujube, which is known as medicinal and powdered jujube.
Nut jujubes often have better size and quality.

Medicinal jujube also has a very small size and many wrinkles.
This type of jujube is often using for medicinal purposes in traditional medicine and these handicrafts.
The closer our jujube is to code one, the higher the quality and the higher the price.

As we know, jujubes have different types, each of which is used for specific purposes.
Due to the variety of types of jujube, you can find out the price of jujube by contacting Artin business consultants.

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