Anari Dried Barberries for Wholesale

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Anari Dried Barberries

Anari Dried Barberries for Wholesale

Anari Dried Barberries for Wholesale in the market of Germany and Russia are the best choices. Low and affordable price and good quality.

Dried pomegranate-seed shape barberry is one of the best-selling products in the Iranian market as well as export markets.
The bulk purchase of this product from manufacturers in South Khorasan province is more suitable in terms of price.

Anari Dried Barberries Harvest Season

Anari Dried Barberries

The harvesting season of fresh barberry in Iran begins almost in September.
Barberry harvest continues until the end of November due to weather conditions.

After the harvest season, production units and farmers begin the drying process of barberry (Persian Red Zereshk).
To produce Anari dried barberries, The fresh barberry fruits should place under direct sunlight.
With this method, fresh barberry will be completely dry between 1 to 2 months later and is ready to sell in the market.

In fact, the bulk purchase and wholesale of dried pomegranate-seed shape barberry begin almost every year in early December.
Before that, high-moisture products are sold in the market. But they must be sold quickly because they are likely to be damaged.

The best time to buy Anari dried barberries is from December.

Wholesale of Anari Dried Barberry

Anari Dried Barberry

Various production units, brokers, and wholesalers sell barberry in Iran.
Many wholesale markets in South Khorasan province offer varieties of dried barberries.
Birjand, Qa’en, Mashhad, Kerman, and Shiraz markets are the main markets for buying and selling Zereshk in Iran.

Each of these markets has advantages and disadvantages according to the destination city.
Some have the advantage of distance, and others have a cheap and fair price to buy as a competitive advantage.

The best and most suitable prices of dried barberry are available in the markets of Khorasan province.
The markets of this province are less intermediate due to their proximity to the production center.
For this reason, it is more economical for brokers and wholesalers in other cities to buy from these markets.
Artin Production Company is one of the suppliers of dried Anari and Pofaki barberry.

In this collection, high-quality products are selling in domestic and export markets throughout the year.
For bulk purchase of dried pomegranate-seed shape barberry, you can contact the sales department of this collection.

Daily Price of Artin Barberries

Price of Artin Barberries

The daily price of barberry depends on several factors.
In fact, in addition to quality features, supply, and demand in the market have a great impact on the price of dried barberry fruits.
Demand for the barberry market has plummeted since the beginning of 2020 due to the corona epidemic and the closure of many centers.
As you are aware, most of the barberry sales in the Iranian market have been for ceremonies.
Weddings, celebrations, Hajj parties, mourning ceremonies, and etc. create the greatest demand for barberry.

However, due to the presence of Covid-19 disease, the above cases have been reduced to a minimum or in other words, close to zero.
All this, along with the growth of production and also the decrease in exports, has caused the price of barberry to decrease from the beginning of 2020.

Barberry prices in the market are now at the lowest possible.
To receive the daily price, you can contact the Artin Barberry sales unit.

In addition, pictures and videos of the available cargos will be sent to you by our experts.

Pomegranate-Seed Shape Barberries Online Bulk Purchase

Barberries Online Bulk Purchase

With the onset of corona disease, many businesses turned to online and offline sales.
This case has been one of the positive points of this disease in Iran.

But companies such as Artin Barberry Factory have been active in this field for years.
Recognition and credibility of store websites are one of the most important issues in online purchases, especially in high volume.

Initially, most online sales were for retail.
But after a while, barberry growers realized that it was possible to sell large volumes online.
Although the process is different, many capabilities are provided in this area.

This issue is more evident in the field of international exports and sales.
In this regard, Artin Barberry Production Company offers various services.

For information on other services and products, you can visit the website of this collection.

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