Anari & Pofaki Barberries | Artin Iranian Zereshk to Buy

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Anari & Pofaki Barberries

Anari & Pofaki Barberries | Artin Iranian Zereshk to Buy

Anari & Pofaki barberries are the main Iranian dried Zereshk varieties. To buy and import this product, make contact with the Artin company.

The Artin barberry company is one of the major supply centers of the first-class barberries in Iran.
The Anari & Pofaki barberries processing and packaging workshops of this company are in Birjand.

As you might know, the center of Iranian barberry production is in South Khorasan province.
The cities of Birjand, Qa’yen, Sarbisheh, Arinshahr, and Hajiabad have the highest production of Iranian red Zereshk.

The main dried barberry varieties in the market to buy in bulk and import to your country are Anari and Pofaki barberries.
In the following, we will become more familiar with these products and how they are produced.

Iranian Red Zereshk Production Center

Iranian Red Zereshk Production Center

Iranian red barberry is usually harvesting from hot and dry areas.
The beating heart of Iranian barberry is in South Khorasan province.
This province has the largest area under cultivation of barberry in Iran.

Both Anari and Pofaki dried barberries are available in these areas and producing provinces.
Of course, you might hear about Iranian black barberry but it’s not that common variety and black barberry grows in the mountains of northeast Iran.

According to news reports, 17,900 hectares of the South Khorasan province orchards are under cultivation of Iranian Berberis Vulgaris (Zereshk).
In fact, it can be said that South Khorasan province is the cradle of ruby (red barberry) ​​in Iran and the world.
About 121,000 tons of barberry have been harvested from these orchards.
In South Khorasan province, about fifty thousand households play a role in the production of this volume of barberry.

We hope that one day we will be able to offer the original Iranian barberry not only to Iranians but to the whole world and introduce them to Iranian ruby.

Types of Dried Barberries and How to Produce Them

Types of Dried Barberries and How to Produce Them

Dried barberries are available in two types.

  1. Puffy Barberry or Pofaki Zereshk
  2. Pomegranate Barberry or Anari Zereshk

Now we want to produce these two barberries a little more and tell you the differences between them.
Puffy barberry is dried in the drying warehouses where it’s not under direct sunlight.
But pomegranate barberry dries under direct sunlight.

Pofaki Zereshk dries over time, losing moisture.
While, on the other hand, Anari Zereshk dries sooner because it is under direct sunlight.

Pofaki barberry has much less damage than Anari barberry.
Because the producer turns the Anari barberry upside down and barberry is more likely to squeeze and damage.

Drying of Pofaki barberry takes more than three months.
While the Anari barberry dries much faster.

The color of puffy barberry is lighter than that of pomegranate barberry.
This makes the puffy barberries of interest to buyers.
Iranian Anari barberries are cheaper in different markets than Pofaki barberries.

Major Supply of Anari and Pofaki Barberries

Major Supply of Anari and Pofaki Barberries

Production and processing of barberries are some of the most important parts of reaching a high-quality product to the customer.
As explained above, the production of barberry has stages that affect the quality of the final product.

The Artin company is one of the production and sales collections of Iranian barberry.
The features of this collection include the following:

  • In this collection, high-quality barberries will be delivered to customers.
  • The final price of the product is very competitive because, in this company, production and sales are in bulk and high quantities.

Of course, we have to make a point.
The price of barberry is directly dependent on its quality.

In this collection, we try to provide you with the best products at the lowest prices so that we can deliver a first-class and excellent barberry to consumers.
As mentioned, the production and sale of barberry is the most important part to reach an ideal product to consumers.
You can get information about buying different types of barberry by contacting the sales consultants of this collection.

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