Anari Zereshk Wholesale | Iranian Pomegranate Seed Barberry

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Anari Zereshk Wholesale

Anari Zereshk Wholesale | Iranian Pomegranate Seed Barberry

There are two types of Iranian barberry in the market. Anari Zereshk wholesale price is lower than Pofaki’s. Do you know Iranian Pomegranate Seed berberis vulgaris?

The price of pomegranate seed barberry (Anari Zereshk Wholesale Price) has decreased a lot in 2020 compared to the previous year.

In this article, we examine the reasons for the drop in the price of barberry, pomegranate seeds and puffy type in the wholesale market.
In the following, you can know more about Iranian Anari Zereshk Wholesale and Export market + some price information.

Pofaki & Anari Zereshk Production

Zereshk Production

Barberry production in Iran is specific to the east of the country and South Khorasan province.
The climate and soil of this province are very suitable for the growth of barberry tree, and on the other hand, this product needs low irrigation.

Barberry is a shrub with a height of 1 to 3 meters from which at the peak of fruiting each year about 20 kg of crop harvests.

It is noteworthy that puffy barberry and pomegranate seeds harvest from one type of berberis vulgaris tree.
Processing methods that perform on barberry when it dries, divide it into different categories and types.
It takes about 1 month to produce pomegranate seed barberry (Persian Anari Zereshk). And puffy barberry needs between 3 to 4 months after harvesting fruits from the tree.

Puffy barberry (Known as Pofaki Zereshk in the wholesale market) has a lighter color than pomegranate seed barberry.
Pomegranate seed berberis vulgaris fruit is cheaper than other types of barberry and therefore its sales volume is considerable.

Dried Berberis Vulgaris Fruit Wholesale

Dried Berberis Vulgaris

The main markets for barberry wholesale inside and outside Iran are the following centers:

  •  Restaurants
  • Canteens (hospitals, universities, offices, etc.)
  • Jam and Juice production
  • Production of fruit roll
  • Preparing Lokum and Turkish delights
  • Packaging for supply in chain stores
  • Production of some candies

Barberry is of interest to many foodstuff producers because of its various applications.
High volume sales of Red Seedless Persian Zereshk are doing by wholesale markets in different cities of Iran.

The main wholesale markets of pomegranate seed barberry and dried puffy barberry are as follows:

  • Birjand
  • Qa’en
  • Mashhad
  • Tehran

Each of these markets has advantages and disadvantages for buying major products. The most important of which is the impact on product prices.
In other words, the closer we are to the source of barberry production, the more likely we are to buy in bulk at lower prices.

Iranian Anari Zereshk Wholesale and Export Center

Iranian Anari Zereshk

The main center of production and sale of barberry, Anari and Pofaki types, as you know, is in Birjand and Ghaenat cities and counties.
In these regions, various workshop production units are active in the production and processing of barberry.

The main cold stores for long-term storage of barberry are in these two main cities of South Khorasan province.
In this regard, there are several options for bulk purchase of barberry in this province.

Pomegranate seed barberry, which is ready to the market approximately 1 month after the harvest season, undergoes the following processes in the production units after drying:

  1. Removing the product leaves
  2. Removing and sorting the barberry thrones
  3. Separating the tails
  4. Removing immature barberries
  5. Hand sort (Sorting and selecting by hand)
  6. Bulk packaging

These steps perform in the barberry processing line after the barberry moisture reaches normal and standard.

Iranian Barberry Fruit Production in 2020

Barberry Fruit Production

Possible estimates for barberry harvest in 2020 from farms in South Khorasan is that barberry production is lower than last year.

In 2019, the production volume of barberry was very high and the large supply in July and August of 2020 is the reason for this claim.
One of the reasons for the price decrease in the summer of 2020 was the same supply pressure from active producers in South Khorasan province.

But due to the lower yield of barberry trees this year, it is more likely to have a higher quality crop.

In other words, the quality of barberries will be higher than in 2019, and this issue will be very important for exports.
From March 2019, due to the arrival of Corona virus in Iran, the sales volume of barberry in the market had a very sharp decline, which its main reasons were:

  • Closing of wedding ceremonies
  • Closure of restaurants and canteens
  • Cancellation of Hajj ceremony

These items had a great impact on reducing sales and in turn reducing the price of products.

Iranian Pomegranate Seed Barberry Export/Import

Pomegranate Seed Barberry

In recent years, Anari Zereshk wholesale market and the share of Iranian barberry exports to world markets has been increasing.
Different countries buy Iranian barberry, the most important of which are:

  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • Iraq
  • Germany
  • Georgia
  • Dubai
  • Kuwait
  • India
  • Armenia
  • France

Of course, it should note that a special type of barberry sends to each of these countries.
In addition, the type of consumption and use in the target country also determines the type of barberry sends from Iran.
For example, in the German market, washed Anari Persian Zereshk uses to produce medicine.
While in most stores, Iranian Puffy berberis vulgaris sells in different packages, which has various reasons, the main of which is the light color and low moisture content of puffy barberry.

Anari Zereshk Wholesale Price in 2020

Anari Zereshk Wholesale

Barberry prices have fallen sharply since the beginning of 2020 due to currency fluctuations as well as corona virus conditions.

The following are the most complete reasons for the price reduction:

  1. CoVid-19 virus
  2. Air warming
  3. High product supply in the market

These reasons caused the price of pomegranate seed barberry to decrease in 2020, like other types of barberry.
The price of pomegranate seed barberry in 2020 was initially traded at around 4 Usd/Kg, which reached below 3 Usd/Kg in August.

Of course, experts in the field of barberry and saffron still can not predict that the situation will remain the same or will change.
But note that to register your order, be sure to contact the sales unit or fill out the relevant forms on the site.

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