Are You Searching for Chopped Pistachios Supplier?

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Chopped Pistachios Supplier

Are You Searching for Chopped Pistachios Supplier?

Are you searching for a chopped pistachios supplier? If you want to import Iranian green pistachio slivers, you can buy directly from Iranian producers.

Artin Company is known as the producer and supplier of Iranian chopped pistachios in world markets.
Sliced and Slivered ​​green and first-class pistachios for export can be purchased in bulk from Qazvin, Kerman, and also Khorasan.
Chopped ​​pistachios often export to countries that excel in the field of confectionery.

Chopped Pistachios Production Centers in Iran

Chopped Pistachios Production Centers

Most of the production centers for pistachio slices operate in the provinces that produce this strategic product.

To produce high quality and first-class pistachio slices, you must have a good and excellent pistachio kernel first.
The most important features of a good pistachio kernel for slice production are the following:

  • Green Color
  • Freshness and good taste
  • Long Shape
  • Appropriate fat percentage

All of the above is very effective in the quality of the final product.
Of course, except for the above cases, the type of machine and the specialty of the production unit also have a direct impact on the quality of the pistachio chops.

Qazvin and Buin Zahra pistachio kernels are known as one of the best raw materials in the production of pistachio slices.
But in Kerman and Khorasan provinces, as the two main centers of pistachio production in Iran, high-quality pistachio kernels can be provided at reasonable prices.

Therefore, many factories in pistachio-producing provinces produce pistachio slices and slivers.
Some of these factories are well known and reputable in export markets.

Iranian Chopped Pistachios Supplier

Chopped Pistachios Supplier

In many cases, the supplier tends to sell his product directly.
Obviously, In this way, it will show more profit and income for its collection.

In order to this purpose, the seller of pistachio slices for export in Iran, marketing the product in other countries.

Communication with chambers of commerce, participation in exhibitions, cooperation with distribution companies, and also establishing direct communication with chain stores are different ways of the presence of these producers in the markets of different countries.

Artin Production Company, as one of the exporters of pistachio slices from Iran, mainly offers its products in different markets.

In this production unit, Chopped pistachios produce and supply different quality grades to meet the needs of customers in all countries.
In the production of the best-sliced ​​pistachios, pistachio kernels with authorized aflatoxin are used, and all test results are performed without any problems in European countries, especially.

The sales and trade unit of Artin Company, as a seller of Iranian export-quality pistachio slices, is ready to announce the current price of products and send samples to buyers.

You can choose the Artin company as your chopped pistachios supplier for a long time mutual cooperation.

Call us nowBest Quality of Pistachio Slivers and Slices

Pistachio Slivers and Slices

In this article, we will not explain about pistachio slices and slivers for export to countries that are not very sensitive to quality.
But we will briefly describe the countries that are sensitive to the quality of the product.

Firstly, we name the appearance characteristics of pistachio slices and chops that are important in quality:

  • Being green
  • Long shape
  • The low percentage of crushed and powdered pistachios
  • Also convenient and durable packaging

Secondly, the freshness and taste of the product need to test.
If high quality and fresh pistachio kernels use to produce chopped pistachios, the final product will be of good quality.

After that, there are special cases that are raised according to the destination country.
For example, to send any type of dried fruit to EU countries, especially Germany and Spain, it is necessary for the product to have an aflatoxin certification.

This certificate must obtain from centers approved by the customs of the destination country. In this case, only 2 laboratories have this feature in Iran.
Indeed, With special conditions, this certificate issues for the manufacturer.

Iranian Chopped Pistachios’ Supplier’s Wholesale Price

Iranian Chopped Pistachios

Due to price fluctuations in the field of pistachios and also the exchange rate, we are sorry to include the daily price of pistachios on the website, but there are ways to get the daily price for you:

  1. Firstly, complete the contact forms on the site and contact our colleagues in the sales unit with you

    • Establishing direct communication with the sales and trading unit
    • Send messages on social networks to collection sales managers (Such as WhatsApp):
    • Send an email to the sales and support unit of Artin Collection: or

    In this collection, we always try not to sacrifice the quality of the product in any way for the price.
    For this reason, in most products, pistachio slices produce in 2 or 3 quality grades and sell in the market.

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