Artin Barberries Price for Sale

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Artin Barberries Price

Artin Barberries Price for Sale

Iranian Organic and Regular barberry fruits have a good market in Europe and America. The Artin barberries’ price for sale seems affordable in this business.

There is a big wholesale market for Iranian barberries fruits in Europe and America.
Germany, Canada, Turkey, Russia, and Iraq have the highest number of orders for this product.
If the product is Organic, So there are numerous buyers for it in Germany and France.

Artin Production company sends its products directly to customers in other countries.
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Artin Barberries’ Varieties for Export

Artin Barberries Varieties

Edible barberry in Iran divides into two general categories:

  • Blackberry Barberry
  • Red Seedless Barberry

Black Barberries have a kernel inside and its production volume is low.
In years when the rainfall is good, the growth volume of this product increases in the heights and forest areas.
The main use of blackberry barberry is more for the production of beverages and syrups.

But the bulk sale of barberries and exports devote to seedless red barberry.

South Khorasan province is known as the center of barberry and saffron production in the world.
In this region of the country, due to the favorable climate, the planting of these two crops has been common for many years.

But Iranian barberry does not have a long history in world markets and perhaps the world is familiar with this product for less than 20 years.
Ever since Iranian barberry became known in international markets, there has been more and more acceptance to buy this product every year.
In this regard, the relevant organizations encourage farmers to plant more barberry trees.
In South Khorasan province, various facilities for planting, processing, and selling products provide to farmers and production units.

The most important types of seedless red barberry fruits that sell in export markets can be two main types:

  2. Persian POFAKI Barberries or POFAKI BARBERRIES

The difference between these two products is more in terms of appearance and visibility.
Because both products harvest from the same type of tree, but the way it dries and processes is different from each other.

In this article, we intend to discuss the export and sale price of Regular barberries.

Iranian Zereshk Production and Sale Center

Iranian Zereshk Production

As you may know, many cities in South Khorasan province produce barberry, the most important of which are as follows:

  1. Birjand
  2. Qa’en
  3. Arianshahr
  4. Sarbisheh
  5. Zirkuh

Each of these cities has different areas where barberry has been planted in large volumes.
In the big cities of this province, there are many production units and workshops for processing barberry.

Since barberry processing has different stages, many farmers are not able to prepare their own barberry.
That is why they offer their products to production units.

Meanwhile, some farmers and barberry activists do all the gardening, production, processing, and packaging of the products themselves.
This method creates a very good competitive advantage for them.

In addition to the wholesale markets of Birjand and Qa’en, other markets also sell barberry in bulk.
Pomegranate seed barberry prepares and sells earlier than other types of barberry.
This product comes to the market as the first dried barberry fruits after the harvest season.

The sale of pomegranate seed barberry will begin approximately 2 months after harvest. But it should note that at the beginning of the season the moisture of the products is often higher than usual.

The markets of Iranian barberries for sale are different countries, the main of which are:

  1. Russia
  2. Ukraine
  3. Turkey
  4. Kazakhstan
  5. Afghanistan
  6. Germany
  7. Canada
  8. Poland

Artin Barberries Sale Price

Artin Barberries Price

Do the following steps for a better business about buying and importing barberries from Iran:

  • First, ask the sales unit to send you the pictures related to the barberry
  • Get the initial price
  • If necessary, register the request to receive a product’s sample in the sales unit so that it reaches you as soon as possible
  • Then the final agreement and the announcement of volume discounts
  • Prepare and send cargo to the destination city or country

The selling price of pomegranate seed barberry is cheaper than other types of export-quality barberries.

Of course, regarding the quality of this product for bulk purchase, you should pay attention to the packaging of the products.
In the Artin barberry production company, in addition to barberry, jujube is also producing as one of the other products of South Khorasan province.

For more information in this regard, you can read other articles on the website.

How to Export/Import Iranian Barberries from Iran?

Import Iranian Barberries

In this section, we intend to summarize the steps of barberry export from Iran to your country in your service.

The most important prerequisite for barberry export is having a business card to declare the goods to customs.

Then we have to do the following steps, which are very simple and short:

  1. Send barberry ready and packed to the customs parking lot
  2. Drag load declaration according to weight, output boundary, and destination
  3. Visiting the representative of Jihad Keshavarzi and obtaining a product Phytosanitary certificate
  4. Cargo inspection by customs assessor
  5. Receive confirmation from the Agricultural Jihad Organization that barberry is a crop of acceptable orchards
  6. Receive a health certificate from the Food and Drug Administration of the Medical Sciences Organization (this is not necessary for export/import and is doing at the request of customers)
  7. Seal the load
  8. Receive the necessary certificates and documents from other organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce
  9. Delivery of cargo to the transport company and delivery to the destination country

All customs affairs related to barberry cargo of Artin company perform without receiving any fee and by our experts.
For more information, you can contact the business unit or collection sales.

You can receive the Artin barberries price for sale by clicking on the image below and make direct contact to us:

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