Artin Barberry Production Company | Iranian Dried Organic Barberries

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Artin Barberry Production Company | Iranian Dried Organic Barberries

Artin Barberry Production Company | Iranian Dried Organic Barberries

Artin barberry production company is in Iran producing, packaging, and exporting various Iranian dried organic and non-organic barberries.

The largest producers of barberry are in the South Khorasan province of Iran, various companies are active in the processing of dried barberries.
Most barberries in Iran are almost Organic but in recent years, pesticides are affecting the product. Therefore, both organic and non-organic barberries are always available in Iran for bulk supply.

One of the active companies in this field is Artin Barberry Production and Trading Company.
Iranian red barberry is available in South Khorasan province and has a perfect market in domestic and export markets.
In fact, Iranian barberries are new products for other countries but not in Iran.

The main barberry-producing province in Iran is South Khorasan.
Seedless red barberry has different types, the most well-known of which are Anari and Pofaki barberry.

Each of these types of barberry has various uses and is available in different time periods in the market.

Pofaki and Anari Barberry Differences

Pofaki and Anari Barberry Differences

These two types of barberry are both from the same shrub, but the drying method is different; This is the reason why dried barberry is available in different types in the market.

In terms of the time of supply of barberry in the market, you should know that Anari barberry is ready for sale in the market about 2 months after the harvest season and Pofaki barberry about 5 months after the harvest season.

Anari barberry is available in December and Pofaki barberry in March every year.
Of course, depending on the weather conditions, it is possible to move between 20 to 40 days.
Anyway, the Artin Barberry Production Company has all the varieties available during the year.

Puffy barberry is often in use for packaging and supply in various stores due to its puffiness and light color. This product is also in use in restaurants and many food industries.

Anari barberry is in use for less packaging due to its dark color and higher crushing percentage; But because it is juicy, it is often in use in various industries such as confectionery, production of syrups, and beverages, desserts and ice cream, and many other foods.

Artin Barberry Production Company

Artin Barberry Production Company

One of the companies producing and exporting barberry in South Khorasan province is Artin barberry production company.
In this company, all gardening processes, harvesting, drying and processing, packaging, and even customs formalities are performed by experienced and committed teams.

The use of young people and hard-working forces in the domestic and international markets has led to a large volume of Iranian barberry exports through this company.

Barberry of South Khorasan is one of the products that are in demand in various global markets in the last decade and the volume of orders is increasing every year; This product is mainly available in both organic and non-organic markets in different countries.

In this production unit, a high quantity of Iranian Zereshk is available throughout the year. A high volume of these products are for packaging and these packages are in accordance with the customers, merchants, and sellers’ desires.

Barberry is one of the products that are in use in different countries.
In some countries, most Iranian, Afghan, Arabic, and Turkish restaurants and shops use Iranian barberry. But in some countries, many factories and food and pharmaceutical industries use Iranian barberry as a raw material for their products.

How about the Prices of Artin Barberries?

How about the Prices of Artin Barberries?

The price of barberry depends on various factors, and since barberry is often processed after registering customer requests, receiving its exact price depends on determining various parameters.

One of the most important and main parameters in determining the quality of the product and its price are the following:

  1. At first, Type of Barberry
  2. Then, product color
  3. Also, Barberry size
  4. The moisture content
  5. The appearance
  6. Type of packaging
  7. Place of delivery
  8. The amount of tail and foreign materials

If you need to buy bulk types of barberry for the market inside or outside Iran, you can contact our partners in the sales department through the following communication channels or by completing the relevant forms on the site.

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