Artin Barberry Wholesale | Reasonable Price

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Artin Barberry Wholesale

Artin Barberry Wholesale | Reasonable Price

Artin Barberry Wholesale Department export Iranian Red and Seedless Anari and Pofaki berberis vulgaris (Zereshk) with reasonable price and fresh quality.

Ordinary low-cost barberry is often referred to pomegranate seed (Anari) type, which is poor in color and moisture content.
But these products have a very good market. The main market for these products is in central and southwestern Iran.

The center of production of Iranian barberry is Birjand and Qaenat located in Khorasan province.
Varieties of Anari and Pofaki barberry are producing in high volume in this region.

Many of Buyers know that Anari barberry is almost %10 cheaper than Pofaki type.

Iranian Barberry

Birjand is one of the largest producers of barberry in Iran. And also Iran is the first and largest producer of Seedless Red edible barberry.

Iranian Barberry

Iranian producers of barberry mostly produces Iranian jujube as well.
Barberry is a product that sells very well both in Iran and in export markets.
The reason for this high sales is the various uses of barberry.

In addition to all various uses for edible barberry, there are many therapeutic benefits and uses for berberis vulgaris.

Uses for Cheaper Types of Artin Barberry

Anari Barberry (As the cheapest type of barberry) Like other types of barberry has major uses.
Most Iranian barberry is using to cook different types of food such as Zereshk Polo, almond stew, dumplings and more.

Cheaper Barberry

The most important uses of ordinary pomegranate seed (ANARI) barberry are:

  • Production of barberry syrup
  • Barberry juice production
  • Production of jam
  • Used in Lokum (Turkish Delights)
  • Used in the production of lavashak (Fruit Roll)

Ordinary low-cost barberry oftenly uses as a raw material for other products.

Artin Barberry Wholesale

Artin Barberry Wholesale

To buy regular Artin barberry at a reasonable price you need to contact barberry production centers and workshops.
The main centers of these workshops are in Khorasan.

Artin Company located in Khorasan province of Iran producing various types of edible barberry. There are many various terms of payment and delivery for you when Artin Factory supplies your orders.

Only in one city of Khorasan (Birjand), there may be more than 100 barberry production and processing plants that offer barberry in different prices and qualities in the Iranian domestic market.

Artin Production Factory is also one of the activists in this area with 5 production plants in Birjand and surrounding villages.
You can contact the sales managers at Artin Wholesale Department for the current and daily price of Barberry varieties by clicking on the image below.
Also, You can make direct contact with Artin Factory for any further information.

Buy Artin Barberry Online

Buy Artin Barberry

In the last few years, with the boom and surge in Internet usage in the lives of different segments of society, we are witnessing an increase in online and offline sales.

On the other hand, the convenience of transferring money over the phone or through the Internet Bank has made the time of many things short.

The barberry and its activists have not fallen behind in this regard.
It should be noted that for exporting barberry from Iran many customers make their purchases non in-person.

Be sure to check out other articles on the site or contact your consultants for more information.

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