Artin Berberis Vulgaris Powder | Red barberries

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Artin Berberis Vulgaris Powder

Artin Berberis Vulgaris Powder | Red barberries

Artin Berberis Vulgaris Powder exports directly from Iran to other countries. Iranian barberry powder produces from red seedless barberries.

Berberis Vulgaris powder is one of the products that have various applications.
You can get the wholesale price of Artin barberry powder from the sales unit with a phone call.

Before anything, you should know that the production procedure for barberry powder is not that easy.

Artin Berberis Vulgaris Powder

Artin Berberis Vulgaris Powder

Barberry powder is one of the edible-red barberry products of South Khorasan province.
This product, which is usually producing from seedless barberry, has several uses.

In addition to the domestic market, this product is also using for export.
Barberry (Berberis Vulgaris Fruit) powder has different methods for production and the number of active production units in this field is very small.
Usually, the color of the powder is not completely red like the barberry product itself.
Depending on the size of the mill, there is an orange or even pink color among the barberry powders.

As you are aware, the largest producer of red Berberis Vulgaris in the world is Iran.
Barberry is also producing in different parts of Iran, but the planting center of red barberry is the orchards in South Khorasan province.
Red barberry is producing and processing in different cities of this province.

Iranian red barberries are a special variety of edible Berberis Vulgaris and known with the following names in the world market:

  • Zereshk (It’s the main common Persian name)
  • Barberry (The scientific and general name)
  • Zeresht, Zereshg or Zareshk are the Arabic names
  • Also, Berberis Vulgaris is the main scientific name of this product

Most barberry production units and their products are also present in this region of the country (Khorasan).

Red Barberry Powder Production

Red Barberry Powder Production

Barberry powder can be produced from different varieties, but most of the production is related to red barberry powder.
Unfortunately, some powder production units use low-quality barberries.
But in order to have a powder that meets the standards and parameters defining in this field, healthy barberry must be in use.
Next, other methods should be in use to export barberry powder to countries where the use of organic products is common.
In fact, the primary barberry that is to enter the powder production process must have acceptable laboratory analyzes.

Red Berberis Vulgaris powder is producing in a limited number of companies operating in South Khorasan province.
One of the units that are active in the production of red Berberis Vulgaris powder in Iran is Artin Barberry Company.

Production of Artin Berberis Vulgaris in the past few years in this complex is done according to customers’ needs and order registration.
The production of this product causes its quality and freshness to be at its best.

Artin Berberis Vulgaris Powder Consumption

Artin Berberis Vulgaris Powder

Barberry is one of the products that have different healing properties.
The many medicinal properties of barberry have led to the use of this product in various other products.

The most important medicinal properties of barberry can be mentioned as follows:

Blood pressure control | Treatment of inflammation and infection | Strengthen the digestive system | Improve respiratory diseases

These properties have led to the use of the Artin Berberis Vulgaris fruits and its powder in the production of various foods.
Barberry and its powder are mostly using to cook all kinds of food.
But there are other uses for these products, the most common of which are:

  • Production of beverages and syrups
  • Production of chocolates and candies
  • The production of ice cream
  • Tobacco production (in some countries)
  • Using in Lokum (Turkish Delights) varieties

Each of these products uses a specific type of barberry and its powder.

How about the Barberry Powder Price?

Barberry Powder Price

The price of barberry powder is directly related to the price of barberry itself.
The price of barberry is also determined by various parameters,. The most important of which is the amount of supply and demand in the market.

In the following, you can see the approximate price list of Artin Berberis Vulgaris fruit and its powder.
But to receive the daily price of this product powder, by specifying the order volume, you can contact the Artin sales unit.

** Daily price list of Artin barberry varieties **

In the sales unit, according to the daily price of barberry, and the cost of grinding the product, the final price of the powder will be available.
For more information, you can contact our partners in Artin sales and trading unit through the following communication channels.

Also, one of the most important things to consider when buying barberry powder is which type of barberry is using.
In general, two types of barberry are producing in South Khorasan province:

  1. Puffy Shape Barberries
  2. Alos, Squeezed or Pomegranate-Seed Shape Barberries

Puffy shape barberry is dried in production halls (Barberry Hall) and away from direct sunlight.
But barberry pomegranate seeds shape fruits are dried and processed on the ground (harvest) and under direct sunlight.

Squeezed-Shape barberries usually have a high percentage of ash, which is not health-approved in many countries.
For this reason, when buying powder, you should also pay attention to the type of elementary barberry.

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