ARTIN Slivered Pistachios for Iraq and Turkey in Bulk

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ARTIN Slivered Pistachios for Iraq and Turkey in Bulk

The ARTIN company exports sliced and slivered pistachios for Iraq and Turkey’s wholesale markets in bulk and in high quantities.

The main supply of pistachio slices for export to Turkey and Iraq is at competitive prices.
This pistachio product has a variety of uses, one of the most important of which is to prepare and decorate a variety of sweets.

Slivered blanched pistachios are in use to send to different parts of Iraq in different qualities and the quality of pistachio slices is dependent on the needs of each market.
Also, Turkey is another buyer of Iranian slivered pistachios as a neighbour of Iran and Iraq. But there is a special point about Turkey:

Most exports of Iranian pistachio products to turkey are to re-export to other countries specially Europ and America.

For this reason, we have to study the final target market to buy bulk ​​pistachios for export/import.
It’s a profitable business to import Iranian pistachio products but: You need to study both your market and suppliable qualities of products.

High-Quality Iranian Pistachio Uses

Pistachio slices are one of the most valuable and widely used pistachio products.
This product is generally available in the two cities of Mashhad and Qazvin. Of course, the products of Qazvin province have a larger volume.

Iranian high-quality pistachio slices and slivers have various uses in different countries according to their characteristics.
In the following sections, we have explanations about the two countries importing Iranian pistachio slivers in bulk.

One of the most important features of Iranian pistachio slices is their green color and long shape, along with the appropriate oil of pistachios. Iranian pistachios are in use in the production of sweets and ice cream and in the raw materials of some other foods.
Of course, this valuable product is also in use in some foods for decoration.
You can check the Artin Pistachio Catalog to see various products of Iranian pistachio that are available for wholesale.

Anyway, in this article, we give you more information about supplying ARTIN slivered pistachios for Iraq and Turkey.

Major Exports/Imports of Slivered ​​Pistachios to Iraq

Exports of pistachios to Iraq are two parts.

  • At first, export/imports to the easter and northern parts of Iraq like Kurdistan
  • And then, exports/imports to the southern parts of Iraq

High-Quality products are generally in use for export/import to the Iraqi Kurdistan region. On the other hand, in other parts of Iraq, pistachio kernels with lower prices and quality are in use by the people.
In general, before exporting/importing to these countries, you should examine your target market and then proceed to purchase the product.

Major Exports/Imports of Slivered ​​Pistachios to Turkey

Turkey is one of the importers of Iranian pistachio kernels. Iranian pistachios are available in this country for two reasons. On the one hand, we are witnessing the consumption of pistachio slices in Turkey. On the other hand, Iranian pistachios are sent from Turkey to far and near European countries or even America and Canada.

Due to the fact that European countries and Turkey use high-quality products, high-quality pistachios are in use for export to this country.

Of course, European countries are very strict in the field of agricultural hygiene. For this reason, in the workshops of Qazvin and Mashhad, much attention is paid to the hygiene of products and processing machines for pistachio slices and slivers.

Receiving the Price of Slivered Pistachios

One of the most important parts in the process of getting a product to consumers is the process and the major part of purchasing products.

In the past, bulk purchases of agricultural products were made in person. In fact, for the bulk supply of pistachio slices, you had to travel a lot to the cities of Mashhad and Qazvin.
Of course, finding producers and buying directly in these cities was also one of the main problems for traders.

Now, due to the growth of technology, the process of buying products online has become much easier. This causes the prices of products to decrease because the side costs in selling products are minimum.
ARTIN Company is one of the factories that sells pistachios and products such as pistachio kernels online.

In fact, with one call, you can contact a supplier. This will greatly speed up your import/export process. To consult, buy or export your desired product to different countries, you can contact the consultants of Artin Pistachio Company.

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