Artin Slivered Pistachios | Pistachio Slivers and Slices

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Artin Slivered Pistachios | Pistachio Slivers and Slices

Artin Slivered Pistachios | Pistachio Slivers and Slices

Artin Slivered Pistachios are available in large quantities for buyers and sellers anywhere. There are pistachio slivers and slices in bulk.

Most of the merchants, importers, and buyers are searching for slivered pistachio producers when they want to put an order for large quantities and also when they are willing to a long-term business.
The main production center of Iranian green pistachio slices and slivers is in Qazvin province.
Where you can find the Artin slivered pistachios company and products.

But how can we communicate with the producers of pistachio slices in this province?
In this article, we will introduce you to one of the main production and wholesale centers of pistachio slices.
So stay tuned.

Artin Slivered Pistachio Production Center

Artin Slivered Pistachio Production Center

Pistachio slices are one of the main products of Iranian pistachios. In fact, these are one of the products of green pistachios
Producing this product is more common in the production centers of pistachios.
The highest amount of pistachio ​​products is for Qazvin, Kerman, and Khorasan Razavi.

Qazvin pistachio slices and slivers are of higher quality due to their green pistachio kernels.
Of course, due to the expansion of communication among producers, many slice producers in other provinces also use Qazvin pistachio kernels.

In addition to these products, some pistachios from Kerman and Khorasan Razavi are also suitable for preparing slices.
All of this together has led to a variety of slice production.

The most important and main features for distinguishing a good pistachio sliver and slice are as follows:

  • Suitable green color
  • Long shape
  • Lack of dust and crushed kernels in the load
  • Suitable packaging
  • Absence of not blanched slivered in the product
  • Standard moisture content
  • Freshness and good taste

All of these together can be good criteria for determining the quality of pistachio slices.
One of the major centers of production and sale of pistachio slices in Iran is the Artin slivered pistachios production unit in Khorasan and also Qazvin.

In this industrial unit, pistachio kernels, pistachio slices, and their powder are available in various qualities, packaging, and quantities.

How to Put a Major Purchase Order for Pistachio Slivers

How to Put a Major Purchase Order for Pistachio Slivers

If you want to place an order to buy pistachio slices and slivers in bulk, join us.

In the first step, you need to receive the daily price of the product from different manufacturers.
After that and select a few options, request a sample from these units. So you can compare more accurately based on both quality and price. This will open your eyes to the bulk purchase of the product, especially in exports.

To do this, in the Artin production unit, you can contact the sales unit and in the initial stage, you will receive photos and the price of pistachio slices and slivers at first.
After that, if needed, samples of products in specific cartons will be sent to you.

After final approval and sending the pre-invoice, the Artin factory will produce and provide it to you in the shortest possible time.
All orders, especially in export/import shipments, go to the production line after the order registration, so that the real taste of the product and its freshness are completely clear.

This way, many customers will definitely welcome this product.

Artin Pistachio Slivers Export/Import

Artin Pistachio Slivers Export/Import

Exports of non-oil products came to the attention of the Iranian government after oil prices fell sharply in world markets.
Therefore, the government decided to plan and support the export of non-oil products that have a high production potential in the country.

Some of these products, which have been well maneuvered in recent years and are known as popular Iranian goods internationally, can be carpet, saffron, barberry, and most importantly pistachios and their products, including slices and many other products.

Pistachio is of interest to many traders and merchants because it is a first-class and exclusive product in the market and its export can be very profitable.

One of the most important export products for pistachios is pistachio slices. This product has much consumption.
For example, if India has a purchase order for Iranian green pistachios, therefore, we should know that they want this product for confectionery because most of the pistachio slices are using in India for confectionery.

Obviously, the consumption of green pistachio slices and slivers is different in different countries. Some use it for sweets, some others for ice cream, and some others for restaurants and cooking delicious foods.
And this point indicates that in the export/import of these products and receiving purchase orders, an expert should provide the necessary advice and offer the best cooperation product.
If necessary, The Artin pistachio company is ready to help you in this important matter.

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