Artinnuts Pistachio Factory – Production to Export

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Artinnuts Pistachio Factory – Production to Export

The Pistachio Production Line at Artinnuts Pistachio Factory processes fresh pistachios to export this product in different types such as raw and salted nuts and pistachio kernels.

Many companies in the field of pistachio production are active in Iran. The pistachio processing steps range from the orchards crops to the reach of the consumer. Following is a detailed explanation of the activities of the Artinnuts pistachio factory from production to export:

  • Harvesting of pistachios from the orchards during the harvest season of fresh pistachios.
  • Processing and drying fresh pistachios under the sun or drying according to the consumer requirements.
  • Product breakdown and sorting in terms of size, quality (close or open mouth) and other parameters.
  • Cracking closed pistachios to produce pistachio kernels.
  • Mechanically opening some closed-mouth pistachios for cheaper pistachio production.
  • Packaging pistachio nuts in various types of packages.
  • Services to sell or export the product to the target market.

Providing numerous services to buyers for pistachio processing in accordance with European standards or on-demand packaging with customers’ brand is one of the main activities of Artin pistachio plant.

Below we provide a complete description of the topics and steps we do in the production process of the Artin pistachio plant.

Many common pistachio processing companies and factories are pistachio recording terminals.
Pistachio recording terminals process fresh pistachios, drying and sometimes pistachio sorting.
As a result, full service (from product harvesting to delivery to the consumer) is not possible for these terminals.

Artinnuts Pistachio Factory

Harvesting pistachios from orchards:

The season of pistachio harvesting in orchards in each region begins with a little time difference. It is important to pay attention on this issue.
Also product type is effective at harvest time, for example, Akbari pistachio is later than Fandoghi.
Paying attention to the destination market is very effective in how to harvest and plan your harvest.

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The harvesting process will differ if the market is European countries or countries that need to comply with the aflatoxin standard.

One of the most important principles in harvesting crops with high health standards is to shorten the time between harvesting and drying pistachios.

Harvesting Pistachios

Pistachio Drying Process:

This step can be done in two ways:

  1. Drying pistachios under the sun
    In this type of processing, pistachios expend (after peeling) in the open air for drying under the sun.
  2. Drying of pistachios using drying machines
    In this type of processing, the heat produced by the machine shortly dry the fresh pistachio.

The harvesting process will differ if the market is European countries or countries that need to comply with the aflatoxin standard.

At the peak of the harvest, farmers and factories tend to use dryers because of their high speed, but the quality of the sun-dried pistachio is much higher than the machine-dried pistachio, and therefore the price is different.

Artinnuts Pistachio Factory

Sun-dried pistachio tastes much better, more fragrant and of higher quality.
The shelf life of sun-dried pistachio is much higher.
Apparently, the sun-dried pistachio skin is brighter and more attractive to buyers.
Generally, the prices of sun-dried pistachios in the wholesale market are 1 to 2 percent higher than the types of machine-dried.

Pistachios Sorting:

Pistachio sorting after drying is done with simple machines and includes the following steps:

  • Pistachios are separated by, which is called pistachio Ounce.
  • Separation of Open-Mouth pistachios from Close-Mouth ones.
  • Separation of defective pistachios (Malformed or broken and halved) from inside the main load

Pistachio nuts have an international size unit:
The number of pistachio nuts available at 28.35 grams is called “Pistachio Ounce”.
The more traditional and more accurate method of pistachio size measuring for domestic and export markets is as follows:

First, Weight 142.5 g of the sample from the pistachio load intended for ounce measurement.
Second, Count the number of pistachio nuts in this 142.5 g sample.
Third, Divide the result number by 5 and the answer is pistachio ounce.

Ounce (OZ.) measuring for pistachio

One of the most important determinants of pistachio price in the market is pistachio ounce. The larger the pistachio size, the higher the price.
Artinnuts Pistachio Factory offers bulk and packaged pistachio varieties directly after processing to wholesalers or partner factories.

Pistachio Sorting

Pistachio kernel production from closed mouth pistachio:

Close-Mouth pistachios have many uses and the most important is the direct production of pistachio kernels.
The variety of pistachio kernels is much wider than the pistachio nuts.
Among the most important types of kernels that Artinnuts is active in the production of can be mentioned:

  • Green Pistachio Kernels
  • Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels
  • Fandoghi (Round), Ahmadaghaei (Long), Akbari (Super Long) and Kalleghouchi (Jumbo) pistachio kernels
  • Purple skin pistachio kernels
  • tiny kernels
Producing Pistachio Kernels

Producing Mechanical Open Pistachios:

Another use of closed mouth pistachios is to produce mechanical-open type.
The expense of Mechanical-Open Pistachios is significantly lower than that of natural-open types. Of course, the quality and taste of mechanical-open pistachios are also lower than natural-opens.
Most mechanical sales are for export to countries that want low-cost samples. Processing and salting of pistachio at Artinnuts pistachio factory for export to Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Iraq and China is one of the main activities of the factory.

Artinnuts Pistachio Factory

Pistachio processing and packaging:

Companies and brands generally use the best pistachio qualities for their packaging.
The type of processing at this stage is completely dependent on the taste of the customer and the end consumer.
The following are some of the most common types of processed and roasted pistachio flavors:

  • Saffron Pistachio
  • Salt pistachio
  • Lemon pistachio
  • Pepper Pistachio

These types of pistachio are very common in small pistachio packaging. The variety of packaging is also high in the market to make it attractive to shoppers.
Artinnust Pistachio Factory in the field of processing and packaging of pistachio for various markets In addition to supplying the product with Artin brand, it packages for other companies, stores and other customers according to their design, packaging and brand.

Artinnuts Pistachio Packaging

Artinnuts Pistachio Factory Services:

Export services is one of the most important activities of Artin pistachio company in Iran.
In addition to carrying out its product’s export processes to reach consumers in the export market, Artin offers the following activities and services to activists and buyers in the field:

  • Producing products according to the highest quality standards based on the requirements of destination country.
  • Providing pistachio with aflatoxin authorized for export to European countries, Singapore, Canada and other countries.
  • Packages with customer information required for customs procedures.
  • Perform customs procedures including obtaining required standards and certifications.
  • Carry out the required domestic and international shipping until the cargo is delivered to the customer.
  • Support valid payment methods for buyers.
  • Accepting bank guarantees as well as export development fund guarantees for credit sales.
  • And many other services that are of interest to buyers based on customer needs and time and market conditions.
Artinnuts Pistachio factory

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