Barberries Production Centers in Iran, Khorasan

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Barberries Production Centers

Barberries Production Centers in Iran, Khorasan

When you want to import Persian Zereshk from Iran directly, you need to know the barberries production centers in Khorasan, Iran.

How’s the quality of Iranian barberries in the world markets?
Where are the barberries production centers in Iran?

What reputable websites can you refer to for the daily price list of barberry varieties?

Join us to get answers to your questions.

Zereshk Production Centers in Khorasan

Zereshk Production Centers

The main production of Iranian barberry is in the region of South Khorasan province.

In this province, each city, for example, Qa’en, Birjand, Arinshahr, and etc, produces a certain quality for supply to the market.

Some barberries are lighter in color but have a sweeter taste in comparison with some others. Some others seem to be more suitable for applications such as the production barberry jam and Lavashak (Fruit roll), which is sour, smoother, and darker.

Of course, due to changes in weather conditions in many areas, barberry is producing in different qualities.

In addition to all these points, the expertise and skills of farmers in producing perfect and first-class products are of great importance.

Farmers in many different areas often hand over their produce to production units in large cities.

In other words, with the concentration of workshops and factories in the two cities of Birjand and Qa’en in the Khorasan province of Iran, most barberry sales are made in these cities.
So, we can tell you that the main barberries production centers in Iran are the cities of the south of Khorasan province.

In these markets, different types of barberry in different qualities are offering in the market by production workshops.

How to Buy Khorasan Barberries from Production Centers?

Barberries Production Centers

As mentioned, most of the shopping centers are in Khorasan province.

Unfortunately, in Khorasan, there is no centralized market for the wholesale sale of barberry. So you need to search a lot to find the wholesalers or main producers.

Most production units and workshops are operating in different parts of the city.

The lack of a centralized market has caused most production units to sell their products through the wholesale markets of Mashhad or Tehran by means of brokers.

Meanwhile, some companies export their products by operating directly in different countries.

With this method and direct sale, the price of the product becomes as affordable as possible, and the manufacturer can also prepare and package the product according to the customer’s requirements.

Obviously, If you find the main wholesale and production centers of barberries in Iran, you will have the lowest possible prices besides the highest possible qualities.

The most important and best-selling types of barberry in this area are:

  • Pomegranate Seed Barberry calls ANARI Zereshk
  • Puffy Barberry calls POFAKI Zereshk
  • Dark Barberry using for Fruit Roll

Each of these products is selling in different quality categories in the market.
One of the major barberry suppliers and exporters in South Khorasan province is the Artin barberry production company.

This collection has a long history in the domestic market and is well known and prominent.
In addition to domestic markets, a large part of the work of this company is the export of barberry to different countries.

Mashhad Zereshk Wholesale Market

Zereshk Wholesale Market

As mentioned in the previous sections, one of the main markets for buying and selling barberry is Mashhad in Iran.
There are various brokers and shopping centers in the barberry wholesale market of Mashhad.

Some of these units work on a fee basis, in other words, they provide farmers’ products to customers.
Some of these wholesalers themselves have production and processing workshops in Khorasan.

In other words, in the region, barberry is bought from farmers and sold in the market after processing.
In this wholesale market, the competition is very high due to the presence of a large number of sellers in some periods of time.

This causes these centers to sell their products at a low profit.
But sometimes, due to special days and the busy city of Mashhad, due to the presence of pilgrims, the prices of this market are higher than in other markets.

Of course, in 2020, due to the spread of the Corona virus, there was not as much change in prices as at other times of the year. Because most accommodation and catering centers are semi-closed.

Apart from Mashhad, barberry wholesale markets in 3 cities of Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan also sell South Khorasan products in large quantities.

Export-Quality Iranian Barberry Fruits

Iranian Barberry Fruits

In addition to sales in domestic markets, Iranian barberry has an acceptable volume in exports.

The export volume of this product has grown significantly in recent years so that farmers are trying to produce higher quality products.

Different countries are buyers of first-class and high-quality Iranian barberry, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Australia
  • France
  • Ukraine

Of course, traders in each of these countries choose a specific type of barberry according to the needs of their market.
In Russia and Ukraine, for example, pomegranate seed barberry is most in demand.
While in Canada, only Puffy barberries have good sales markets.

In order to export barberry to some countries, it is necessary to obtain a health certificate from the relevant organizations.

In 1999, new rules for the export of barberry were announced, which should be done under the supervision of the Agricultural Jihad Organization.

To be aware of these rules and also to receive advice on the export of barberry, our experts are ready to answer you.

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