Barberries Without Pesticides | Iranian Organic Red Barberry

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Barberries Without Pesticides

Barberries Without Pesticides | Iranian Organic Red Barberry

Barberries without pesticides have a perfect market in European countries. Iranian organic red barberry (Berberis Vulgaris Fruit) is the best.

Barberry without residues of toxins (pesticides) has many buyers in certain export/import markets.
This special product is selling by the Artin company. In fact, Iran is one of the main producers of Organic Red-Barberries in the wholesale markets of Iran.
In addition to wholesale in Iran’s market, the Artin company exports its Organic barberry to other countries such as:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Netherland
  • Russia
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait

In fact, the organic barberries are without pesticides and Healthy Barberries have pesticides less than 0.05 mg/kg.

Barberries without residues of pesticides are more popular in the market of European countries.
Many stores offering organic products are buyers of healthy and organic barberries in Iran.

What are Barberries without Pesticides?

Barberries without Pesticides

South Khorasan Province is the largest producer of edible red barberry in Iran.
In different areas of this province, barberry is producing in large quantities.

Barberry, saffron, and jujube are the most significant agricultural products in this region of the country.
Unfortunately, in South Khorasan province, barberry bushes have been affected by many pests in recent years.
Many farmers also use the easiest way, which is spraying, to prevent these pests.
By doing so, the barberry in these orchards reduces the possibility of exporting, especially to markets that are sensitive to crop health.

The barberry for which the pesticides are applied comes out of the organic and healthy state.
For this reason, by performing a residual pesticide test, the percentage of pesticides and toxins in dried barberries can be fully observed.
Fortunately, there are still areas where farmers do not use pesticides to prevent pests.

Or there are knowledgeable and creative farmers in the area who grow their barberries’ crops as much as possible without the use of pesticides.

Export of Healthy and Organic Barberry from Iran

Healthy and Organic Barberry

Barberry is sending from Iran to different countries.
Most of Iran’s barberries’ exports are doing without testing for residual pesticide.
In other words, many buyers of Iranian barberry in world markets are not very sensitive to this issue.

Russia, Turkey, Iraq, and Canada are major buyers of common Iranian barberry.
Although the quality and appearance of barberry are very important for these customers, the testing of toxins and pesticides is not very important for them.

Barberries are exporting to certain countries when they are without the remnants of pesticides. Or in other words, when this fruit healthy or organic barberry.
In some of these countries, both common (non-organic) and organic barberry have buyers.
Customers who want organic or healthy barberry often buy this product directly from the Iranian barberry market.

If healthy or organic barberry is harvesting from the orchards, the drying and processing procedure must be done carefully.
Because in some cases when barberry is drying in the hall, insects and pests can damage the crop.
For this reason, the environmental conditions must be completely under control during the drying period of the product.

In this regard, a limited number of companies active in the field of barberry export without residual pesticides operate in South Khorasan province.

The Artin Barberry Company is one of the activists in this market inside and outside Iran.
In the following, you will learn more about how this production factory works and operates.

Supplier of Barberries without Pesticides

Barberries without Pesticides

There are many barberry sellers and exporters in the Iranian market for supply in the country.
Many wholesalers in Southern Khorasan distribute their products in the markets of different cities in Iran.

These markets sell barberry products in South Khorasan Province throughout the country.
But for barberry exports, the number of sellers is more limited.
And when it comes to barberries without residual pesticides, the number of production units active in this field is less than a handful.

Since the use of pesticides in the production of barberry has become common, but some exporting units have taken action in this regard.
For example, the use of organic insecticides or special toxins at a higher cost is one of these methods.
Or to process the product during preparation, the use of organic oils does not change the quality of the product.

All this creates a lot of costs for companies active in this field.
It should be noted that the microbiological parameters are also important when you are supplying or importing organic barberries.

Artin Organic Red Barberries

Artin Organic Red Barberries

The Artin Barberry Company is one of the units supplying healthy and organic barberries in Iran.
In this company, all the orchards are under the supervision of experts every year and periodic tests of the orchards perform.
To be sure, the orchard products covered by this collection are examined every year in prestigious European laboratories.

In addition to the health of the product, its microbiological confirmation is also of great importance.
Because in many European countries, especially Germany and Denmark, as well as Italy and Spain, there is more sensitivity to these issues.
Barberry is exporting to these countries, especially to pharmaceutical companies, under certain conditions and laws.

In addition to pharmaceutical companies, stores supplying organic products are the main buyers of Iranian healthy barberry.
In the field of organic barberry, there are not many orchards that have this capability, so the organic certificate is not available by suppliers.

But all these products are provided by Artin Barberry Company by presenting an approved test in European markets.

Prices of Organic Barberry for Import

Prices of Organic Barberry

Barberry daily price is one of the basic parameters for bulk purchases.
This is even more important when exporting/importing due to the high volume of purchases.
The selling price of export-quality barberries whose residual pesticide test has not been approved is about %50 cheaper than organic varieties.
In fact, the correct word is that the price of Organic and Healthy barberries is about %100 higher than non-organic barberries.
In other words, the non-organic barberry is normally selling in the market, and it is not clear whether it is organic or non-organic.

The CIF/CFR Price of Iranian Dried Red Barberries (Non-Organic) in the year 2020 was about 3 to 4 Usd/Kg

But the discussion about healthy and organic barberry is different.
Since manufacturing companies spend a lot of money in this field, the price of the product will be higher.
Organic or healthy barberry has a higher price than ordinary (non-organic) barberry.

Most organic barberry suppliers sell their products directly in the European market.
But part of the sale of these suppliers is the supply of organic barberry to other exporters in Iran.

To receive the daily price of organic barberry, you can contact the Artin Barberry sales and trade unit right now.
Our colleagues in this unit will be ready to answer you.

You can also share the desired pesticides or approved-percentages with our experts for more detailed guidance.
Also, you can see the address of Artin’s Persian website, where all these descriptions are placed in full, below.

Artin Persian Website

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