Barberry Exports to Spain from Iran Supplier

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Barberry Exports to Spain

Barberry Exports to Spain from Iran Supplier

Iran’s barberry exports to Spain, along with major saffron exports, are booming. Iran is the main and first supplier of red-edible berberis vulgaris in seedless types.

Iranian barberry is sending to Spain in various types. But more than pomegranate seed barberry, puffy barberry is welcome. But, What are these names? what are Pomegranate seed and Puffy berberis vulgaris?

Iranian barberry is one of the few types of edible barberry.
Here you can find some features of Iranian Edible Barberry:

  • Berries (Fruits of the tree): You can find both red and black barberry in Iran.
    Wild barberry is black and grows in forests of the north east of Iran.
    Red barberry is the type that Iranian farmers harvest from their orchards.
  • Seed shape: oval shape
  • It has razor-sharp branches
  • Scientifically, Barberry is not a tree, it’s a shrub.
  • Compatible with hot weather and low water sources
  • Low pest infestation
  • Grows even with salty water (EC<16000)

Iranian barberry is note only usable for food industries, but also usable for medicinal purposes.
Any way, barberry exports to Spain for food industries mostly.

Iran’s Barberry Production

Iranian Barberry Production

As it mentioned above, Iranian barberry have 2 different types of shrubs:
One is growing in forests and one another is using in orchards.
The red edible barberry is the main type that is widely grows in the southern Khorasan (Eastern State of Iran). Orchards of Southern Khorasan is producing more than %85 of the edible barberry that you can find all over the globe.

The harvest season of barberry starts in September.

Significant volumes of Iranian barberry are using for export to all parts of the world.
Also, Iranian barberry exports to Spain in low quantities but the more the time passes, the higher quantities exports.

Iranian Dried Barberry

Dried Barberry

There are several ways to dry barberry.
The type of barberry that you find in the market, all are harvested from one type of barberry shrubs. The differences in the quality and the appearance are because of the drying procedure.
Although, producing each type of dried barberry requires a special type of harvesting but the shrubs are the same.

In the following, we tell you more about these types of barberry. Please notice that these types are the most common types and obviously, there are other types that you can find in the domestic market of Iran.
Before this, You need to know that “Berberis Vulgaris” is the scientific name of barberry and “Zereshk” is its Persian name.
Barberry exports to Spain with this regular name means “BARBERRY”.

1. Pomegranate Seed Barberry (ANARI Zereshk):

ANARI Zereshk is the first type that comes to the market after harvesting.
In fact, farmers put all the fruits of the shrubs under the sunlight and dry them all. this is the easiest and oldest method of drying.
Obviously, this type of drying procedure don’t take that time, it might be less than 2 weeks if the weather is OK.

The Cheapest type of red-edible barberry is pomegranate seed type.

2. Puffy Barberry (Pofaki Zereshk):

As you can understand from Its name, Puffy barberry has a puffy shape.
To dry barberry with its puffy shape, farmers need to cut the branches of the trees while the fruits (berries) are still on them.
They put the branches in the large stores to dry. it might take more than 2 months to dry, but the product still kept its puffy shape.

First-class puffy berberis vulgaris is often used for export to Spain and other European countries, as well as Canada and Australia.

Barberry Export to Spain

Barberry Exports to Spain

Spain is one of the countries where Iran’s barberry exports are significant.
In the export of barberry from Iran to Spain, it is necessary to pay attention to various issues in the quality and packaging of the product.
For example, Export quality of barberry must completely sort and there must be no foreign matter in it.
Fine sand, leaves, wood, tails, twigs and hair are the most common foreign materials, often in major export shipments.

However, some barberry producers and suppliers, by sorting 100% of the product, remove all these substances from the barberry and bring it to the allowed and standard level.

In bulk packaging, as you can see in the picture, Artin barberry collection uses fabric bags inside the cartons.
This packaging method increases the shelf life of barberry and prevents direct contact of the product with the carton.

Among the different types of barberry, the largest volume of exports is referring to puffy barberry.

Obviously, All of the above will be effective in product pricing.

Barberry Supplier’s Prices

Barberry Supplier's Price

As mentioned in the previous section, the price of barberry depends on different quality items.
In addition to the parameters stated above, the percentage of moisture and residual pesticides are the other two main parameters in determining the barberry quality index.

Obviously, All of these together determine the final price of barberry.

Most barberry selling in the Iranian domestic market has a very high moisture content. But export quality of barberry should not be like this at all.
Since in Iran, in addition to quality indicators, various items such as supply and demand, government policies and etc. affect the price, to receive the price, you can now contact the sales managers by clicking on the image below.

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