Barberry in Turkey | Iranian Zereshk Wholesale Price

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Barberry in Turkey

Barberry in Turkey | Iranian Zereshk Wholesale Price

Iranian barberry in Turkey has many uses. in fact, Turkey is an important market for Persian Zereshk so there are good wholesale prices in this market.

Do you know that which type of Iranian Zereshk is the best selling barberry in Turkey? the rapid answer is Pomegranate Seed barberry, But why? Why ANARI (Pomegranate Seed) barberry has more buyers than POFAKI (Puffy) barberry in Turkey? How can we get the daily wholesale prices of this product in Turkish market? How we can supply and import Zereshk from Iran?

To answer above questions, follow us in this updated article.

Iranian Zereshk

Iranian Zereshk

Iran is the largest producer of edible-red barberry. This type is also “Seedless”.
Seedless Red-Edible Barberry is one type of the family of Berberis Vulgaris.
Other types of ornamental barberry are grown in East Asian countries (Shrubs are ornamental and the fruit is not commercial).

But more than 98% of edible barberry production is in Iran.
Edible barberry divides into two general categories:

  • Regular barberry (seedless)
  • Wild or black barberry (with seeds)

The wild barberry can also be in red color or also blue as well, but all of them categorize in wild black barberry.
Wild barberry mostly grows in forests in the northeast of Iran. It means “Northern Khorasan”, “Semnan” and “Golestan”.

However, Regular barberry is native to South Khorasan province.
The cities of “Birjand” and “Qayen”, which are world famous for their saffron, are also the main producers of edible-seedless barberry.

Types of Iranian barberry in Turkey

Barberry in Turkey

All types of edible barberry in Iran harvest from one type of shrub with a height of 1 to 3 meters.
In the past, various methods have been used to dry and process this product after harvesting.
Different methods of drying cause different types of dried barberry to produce and get to the market.

The most important barberry varieties produces in Iran that sends to export markets are:

  1. Pomegranate Seed Barberry (Persian name: Anari)
  2. Puffy Barberry (Persian name: Pofaki)

These two types of Iranian Zereshk differ in appearance.
The main difference is in the color and amount of puffiness of dried barberry.

Pomegranate seed (ANARI) barberry has a darker color than puffy (POFAKI) barberry, the main reason for which is processing under sunlight.

Each of these types has its own market. That’s the reason for which you need to know more about each type.

There are different types of barberry exporting from Iran to Turkey and each of them has a specific consumption.

Anari Barberry Wholesale in Turkey

Anari Barberry Wholesale

Turkey is one of the countries where the production and consumption of sweets is very popular.
One of the main uses of Iranian Zereshk in Istanbul is to produce delicious Lokum (Rahat al-Halqum).
Barberry uses in large quantities in industrial estates as well as in various confectionery workshops.

The best type of barberry for these consumptions is ANARI (Pomegranate Seed) barberry.
The reason for this, is the dark red and juicy color and appearance of barberry, which is very important.
So the sweets and the confectionery factories and workshops are the main wholesale market for this type of Persian Zereshk.

The season for preparing pomegranate seed barberry is almost November every year, and many Turkish traders choose this time to buy bulk products.

But during the year, a significant amount of Iranian barberry exports to Turkey.

Pofaki Barberry Wholesale in Turkey

Pofaki Barberry Wholesale

In addition to pomegranate seed barberry, puffy or Pofaki barberry also uses in Turkey.
But the method and amount of use is different from pomegranate seed barberry.

The main market for puffy barberries in Turkey divide into two general categories:

  1. Supply in stores and use in food restaurants
  2. Re-export to European countries

Usually, Pofaki barberry imports to Turkey for one of the above two reasons, and given that its wholesale price is more expensive than pomegranate seed barberry, luxury stores and restaurants are more interested in this product.

On the other hand, for different European countries, the bright color of barberry and its moisture is very important.
For this reason, the main choice of traders and merchants in different European countries to buy barberry is definitely its puffy type.

However, it should note that pomegranate seeds are also using for medicinal purposes in various European countries, including Germany.

Daily Wholesale Price of Iranian Zereshk

Daily Barberry Price

In the bulk purchase of all products, the price parameter along with the quality is always important.

In the field of barberry export, this issue is also important, and on the other hand, due to the devaluation of the Iranian currency in recent years, this issue is more visible.

The wholesale price of different types of barberry largely depends on the amount of supply and demand in the market.
For example, in Muharram or when pilgrims return from Saudi Arabia, the demand for barberry in Iran is very high.

This causes sharp price increases in this product. that needs a daily update in prices and it causes different daily price.
On the other hand, the type and quality of the product has a significant impact on its price. For example, the percentage of moisture and the amount of foreign materials in the cargo specified in the 3337 standard of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran (The exporter country) can change the price of barberry by 3 to 7 percent.

For this reason, it is necessary to communicate with reputable and reliable companies in bulk purchases as well as the export of this product.

Artin Company is a manufacturer and exporter of Iranian Zereshk that can present you the daily prices of this product.
In the purchases of more than 5 tons of Artin Barberry Factory, all customs affairs will be done completely free of charge by this company.

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