Berberis Vulgaris for Korea | Barberry Red Fruits

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Berberis Vulgaris for Korea

Berberis Vulgaris for Korea | Barberry Red Fruits

There are many benefits for Iranian red Berberis Vulgaris fruits. Korea uses this product to produce many medicines and barberry extracts.

Iranian barberry exports to South Korea for various purposes.
One of the main applications of Iranian barberry in the South Korean market is for the production of cosmetics.
Also, there are some companies in Korea using Iranian Berberis Vulgaris fruits to produce extracts.

The sales volume of Iranian barberry in the Korean market is very significant.

Red Berberis Vulgaris Fruit Production

Red Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

Barberry is known by various names in world markets, the most famous of which are:

  • Barberry
  • Zeresht
  • Zereshk
  • Barberries
  • Berberis Vulgaris
  • Berberitzen

As you may know, barberry has different types of decorative, edible, and etc.
The main production center of Edible-Red barberries is Iran.

In Iran, edible barberry devides into two general categories, one of which is black barberry and the other is red barberry.

The production of black Berberis Vulgaris in the highlands and forests is very low and in many areas, the Natural Resources Organization does not issue permits to harvest this product.

But most of the edible barberry production in Iran is the seedless red barberries.
This product is producing by farmers in Birjand, Qa’en, Sarbisheh, and Zirkuh cities of South Khorasan province.

Due to the weather conditions, the farmers of this region of the country, in addition to Berberis Vulgaris, are also producing saffron, jujube, and pistachios.

The variety of products in this region of the country is great, but two products, barberry, and saffron are professionally producing and marketing.

Iranian Export-Quality Barberry Fruits

Export-Quality Barberry Fruits

Iranian red barberry has a shrub up to 3 meters in height that need pruning every year.

Barberry shrub has many thorns; That is why it is very difficult to dry and process.
The variety of dried Persian Berberis Vulgaris in the market is due to the difference in the method of drying barberry, otherwise, all these products harvest from one type of tree.

Different drying methods cause barberry to come to the market in the following types and sell in the market:

  • Puffy Or Pofaki Barberries
  • Pomegranate Seed or Anari Barberries

Of course, other types are also producing, but due to the low sales volume of this product, we refuse to mention their names.

The most important feature of puffy barberry is its light color, while pomegranate seed barberry is cheaper.

These types of barberries are selected according to the needs and reception in the target country and type of consumption.
So, If you want to export barberry to Korea, the type of consumption is really important.

In Canada, for example, the color of barberry is very important, which is why puffy barberry is the first choice.

But in Germany and Korea, barberry is using to make medicine and cosmetics, for these companies appearance is not very important, so pomegranate seed barberry is the choice of specific customers in these countries.

Of course, sometimes customers in these countries also buy puffy barberry, so market research and needs assessments for barberry exports must be done with great care.

Sales of Berberis Vulgaris to Korea

Berberis Vulgaris to Korea

Exporting Berberis Vulgaris to Iran is one of the businesses that has been booming in recent years.

In Korea, in addition to the food uses of Iranian red barberry, this product has other uses.

One of the most important applications of Iranian barberry (Berberis Vulgaris) in the Korean market is using it in the production of various cosmetics.

Of course, the export of Iranian Berberis Vulgaris to Korea must be done in accordance with the standards of the target country.

In Korea, there is a lot of sensitivity to products when importing food at customs.
In this regard, you should choose the correct quality of barberry for importing to Korea.

To export barberry to Korea, you must first check for what purpose customers intend to buy.

After that, we will choose between the two types of barberry. ANARI and POFAKI barberry, and we will export the main product from Iran to Korea.

Barberry Export Documents

Barberry Export Documents

Now the next question is whether a special certificate or analysis is necessary to export Iranian Berberis Vulgaris fruits to Korea?
In answer to this question, we have to explain that first the laboratory analysis of the product or COA is sent to the Korean customer.

If it is in accordance with their needs, the product is ready to package and declare to the Iranian customs.
After that, you only need a plant health certificate or quarantine certificate. This certificate is known in Korea as the Phytosanitary Certificate.

This certificate is issued by the representative of Jihad Keshavarzi after visiting the cargo and performing the relevant tests and is given to the person or company issuing it.

To export barberry from Iran, other certificates are necessary. For more information, you can contact the commercial unit of Artin Barberry Collection.

In addition, to receive the daily price of various types of Iranian barberry for export, you can complete the forms available on the website.
Or visit our Contact Us page.

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