Best Organic Barberry | Khorasan Zereshk

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Best Organic Barberry

Best Organic Barberry | Khorasan Zereshk

Best organic barberry fruits are available in Khorasan. In fact, all the red edible barberries are in Iran and Khorasan Zereshk is the best.

Iranian organic barberry has many buyers in world markets.
The best products of Khorasan province have markets in European countries.
There are shops selling the best organic products such as barberry and saffron in different EU countries.
In these stores, only healthy products are available.

Which have a higher price in comparison with non-organic products.

Organic Barberry Production Center in Iran

Organic Barberry Production Center

Iran is the largest producer of seedless red Berberis Vulgaris.
Demand for this product has increased in recent years in global markets.
On the other hand, non-organic barberry is in use in the markets of different Asian and European countries.

But organic and healthy barberry fruits of Iran have the most buyers in some European countries, which we will get acquainted with within the following.

Khorasan province of Iran is the main production center of barberry in Iran and they call it Zereshk in Iran.
Also, in this province, southern areas and cities are the main production centers of the best organic barberry fruits.
Therefore, every year the area under cultivation of this crop in Birjand and Ghaenat counties is increasing.

Barberry generally does not need any toxins.
Unfortunately, wheat and barley fields, as well as jujube orchards, which are abundant in this area, are suffering from pests.
Farmers spray and use various animal and chemical fertilizers to pest these fields and orchards.
This will affect the surrounding barberry orchards.

But there are still some clean rural areas and some protected barberry orchards in the province.
Which is in use to supply the best organic barberries from these areas.

Of course, organic products may be slightly weaker in appearance because no fertilizer is in use in their cultivation.
But the first criterion in the export/import of organic Khorasan Zereshk is laboratory analysis of the product.

Organic Barberry Exporter in Khorasan

Organic Barberry Exporter

There are many exporters in the field of barberry exports from Iran to all over the world.
But very few of them are producing and working in the field of supplying organic barberry for export.

These production units often have monthly and annual monitoring of their orchards.
To meet the needs of orchards and trees as much as possible throughout the year so that high-quality products are ready for the market.

One of the companies active in the field of organic barberry exports is the Artin Barberry Production Company.
In this company, organic barberries are tested every year during harvesting in prestigious laboratories in France and Germany.
This will increase the confidence of the company’s managers as well as customers to export/import this product.

If you need to buy bulk organic Zereshk for sale in global markets, you can contact the Artin sales unit.
Our partners are ready to provide you with the necessary information.
In addition, the price list of products will be available to you.

The following are the various communication channels available for you on the official Artin sales website.

How about the Price of Iranian Organic Zereshk?

Price of Iranian Organic ZereshkThe price of barberry depends on several parameters.
The most important thing in organic barberry is having the main laboratory parameters.
One of the toxins that are in use unconventionally in the orchards of South Khorasan province is chlorpyrifos.

This toxin is one of the reasons for rejecting the laboratory analysis of barberry in the orchards of this region of the country.
There are other toxins whose standard limits are defined internationally.

Between 400 and 800 toxins are measurable in reputable European laboratories to ensure the product is healthy.
But a product that has these features will be different from other barberries in terms of price.
In addition, after harvesting barberry from the tree, all processes must be completely under the supervision of technical experts.

So that the product does not find microbial contamination in the process of drying, sorting, and cleaning.
In addition to all these cases, the amount of supply and demand in the market will determine the price of barberry.

In this regard, to receive the daily price of organic barberry in South Khorasan, which was offered by the Artin collection, you can contact the sales unit.
There are several ways of communication within the website for you.
You can see them through the Contact page or footer section.

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