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Barberry to Import

Best Type of Barberry to Import | Artin Zereshk Price

Do you want to know which type of Berberis Vulgaris is the best barberry to import? You might heard about Iranian Red, Edible and Seedless Zereshk.
Do you know a site or center where you can get such information?
Here we give you so many applicable information in this regard. Also, Here you can find a company that is exporting barberry from Iran to your country.

In order to import barberry, we need to first get acquainted with the types of barberry in order to help us identify the quality and price.

Barberry produces in South Khorasan state of Iran and has different types of dried barberry, each of which processes by different production methods.

Different Types of Persian Zereshk

Persian Zereshk

All barberry in South Khorasan harvests from one type of shrub. This shrub is between 1 and 3 meters high.
Its fruits are oval and completely red during the harvest season.
Another feature of Khorasani barberry is the lack of seeds or in fact, it’s seedless.

After removing the barberry from the tree, the processing and drying process begins. There are several methods at this stage.
The same diversity in drying causes dried barberry to trade in the following different types in the market:

  • Pomegranate seed barberry that is calling “ANARI”
  • Puffy barberry that calls “POFAKI”
  • Barberry under the hall that is called “ZIR TALARI” and it’s not that commercial

In barberry production methods, the drying time varies. Pomegranate seed barberry is ready to market earlier than other types, but it takes more time to produce puffy barberry.
By the way, the harvest method for ANARI and POFAKI is a little different as well.

Best Type of Barberry to Import

Barberry to Import

Among the different types of barberry, it is not possible to determine the best type of barberry, because in some areas, pomegranate seed barberry is more popular, and in some countries, puffy berberis vulgaris is more popular.

For this reason, we propose important conditions and parameters in the diagnosis of barberry quality. All of these can examine in all types of Persian Zereshk.

One of the most important criteria for measuring barberry is the following, some of which are very important in some countries:

  • Moisture percentage
  • The amount of foreign substances (pebbles, branches, leaves, etc.)
  • Color and taste
  • Percentage of berries with tail on them
  • Percentage of ash
  • Bruised and crushed rate
  • Packing

Some of these can visually examine, but for more accurate information, a sample of the load needs to send to a food lab and scrutinize.

Import of Iranian Zereshk

Iranian Zereshk
Import of Iranian Zereshk


Barberry exports from Iran to different countries. Some of these countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Iraq, want more than others to buy pomegranate barberry.
In fact, If your target country is one of these above mentioned countries, the best barberry to import is ANARI type for you.

But as we move towards Europe and the United States, it is becoming increasingly common for traders to buy puffy barberry to import.
Of course, in the same countries, pomegranate seed barberry is also using for purposes such as beverage production as well as for medicinal uses.

In order to import barberry from Iran, in addition to all the customs certificates required for each export and import, it is necessary to obtain two other licenses.

The first license from the Agricultural Jihad Organization of Iran’s government is that the crop intend for export and you need this certificate for customs procedures in Iran.

The next certificate must be obtained from the Food and Drug Administration of Iran. This certificate, known as the Health Certificate, confirms the health of the cargo and is required in the destination customs.

It recommends that merchants and traders purchase their product from reputable manufacturers and suppliers so that they do not have problems with customs clearance.

Dried Barberry Price Information

Barberry Price Information

The price of dried barberry after determining its type (ANARI, POFAKI or Others) depends on the parameters stated above regarding the determination and recognition of the quality of the goods.
That’s why you can’t put the exact price list of this product on the site.

Note that in order to receive the exact price and packaging conditions and delivery of goods, be sure to contact your consultants at Artin Production Company.
Artin Barberry company is an exporter of barberry in Iran that is exporting to more than 25 countries.
If you want to purchase large quantity of barberry to import, Artin company can be beside you in this business.

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