Big Size Dried Jujube | Iranian Unnab Wholesale

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Big Size Dried Jujube | Iranian Unnab Wholesale

Big size dried jujube is a perfect Iranian dried fruit with various medicinal properties. Iranian Unnab Wholesale market is Khorasan Province.

How much is the price of dried jujube this year in the Khorasan wholesale market?
To investigate and answer this question, we must first get familiar with the major wholesale center for fresh and dried large jujube (Iranian Unnab).

Jujube is a product that is produced professionally and in high volume in Southern parts of Khorasan as the largest jujube hub in Iran.
In this region, Iranian Unnab is available with different qualities and different sizes. both small size and big size dried jujube fruits are available for sale in the domestic and also international markets.
This is the reason why Khorasan is the main center for buying and selling jujube in Iran. Iranian Unnab also competes with Chinese jujube in international markets, although Chinese jujube is much larger in size than Iranian jujube. But don’t forget the taste and quality.

Fresh and Dried Jujubes Shelf Life

Producers harvest fresh jujubes when they are still green or red-green during the harvest season and distribute them through fruit wholesale markets.
Fresh jujube is very vulnerable and quickly becomes moldy in high heat. For this reason, it must either be in a standard environment or spread quickly in the market.

That is why most jujube growers in Khorasan prefer to dry their products quickly during the harvest season. Jujube stays for up to a year without change. Of course, this requires jujube to be in a cool environment away from direct sunlight (Cold storage).

The soft and fresh jujube is available in the market throughout the year. This fresh jujube is not the same product as the beginning of the season. These products are dried jujube fruits that have been placed in cold water for a few hours before being marketed to soften and make them easier to consume.

Obviously, dried jujube has a much longer shelf life than fresh jujube, which is why this product is available dry in wholesale markets.

Big Size Dried Jujube Suppliers

Khorasan production areas are the largest producers and suppliers of jujube in Iran. Obviously, The small and big size dried jujubes are not sorted at the first time. There is a need for size sorting for the products after harvesting.

One of the main procedures of processing dry jujube is its sizing and separation. Jujube size is one of the important criteria in determining the price of jujube. Other parameters that determine the quality and price of jujube are:

Jujube color / Seed size / Sweetness and taste of the product / pest rate

Liver jujube (Unnab with liver color) is usually sweeter and has a higher price than light brown jujube fruits.

One of the main factories and companies supplying fresh and dried jujube in Khorasan, which completely performs all the sizing and classification processes of jujube, is the Artin jujube production company. In this company, the main focus is on presenting the product of Khorasan orchards.

Purchasing Big Size Dried Jujube in Bulk

The largest center and wholesale market of Iranian jujube are in Khorasan. After that, the jujube market in Mashhad is one of the most well-known jujube markets.

If you want to buy jujube in bulk, you can buy your product at a cheap and competitive price through Khorasan market participants.

Artin jujube sales department is ready to prepare and send your products in bulk with your desired packaging after presenting a sample of the products. Of course, jujube is often available in bulk in 30 kg sacks by Artin Jujube Company.

If you need another type of packaging, you can discuss this issue with the sales managers. Differences in packaging are often common in export shipments. Because jujube is exported to some countries with the highest quality and in some cases, it is sent in cartons. But exports to countries such as India and Pakistan are mostly in bulk.

Prices of Iranian Unnab

The price of jujube depends on various quality parameters. For this reason, you should be careful enough to buy it.

Jujube is a product that has a wide price range because it has different categories. Fine (small) jujube, which is also commonly in use for grinding or pulverizing, is medicinal-jujube or powdering-jujube because of its consumption. But bigger jujubes are nut-size jujube because they are in use as nut and dried fruit.

You can easily check the prices by being in touch with the Artin sales manager and messaging on WhatsApp. You just need to click the below image:

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