Blanched Green Pistachios | Iranian Pistachio Kernels Producer

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Blanched Green Pistachios | Iranian Pistachio Kernels Producer

Blanched Green Pistachios | Iranian Pistachio Kernels Producer

Blanched green pistachios or peeled pistachio kernels are of high quality if you find an Iranian pistachio kernels producer and exporter.

Artin Group is a producer of blanched green pistachios in Iran.
In this production unit, first-class pistachio kernels are available at competitive prices.
Peeled pistachio kernels are available in 6 different color grades. based on their color and shape.
Most products of this product are for export from Iran to different countries.

In the following, we will introduce the markets for buyers of peeled and blanched green pistachios in Iran.

Blanched Green Pistachios Manufacturer

Blanched Green Pistachios Manufacturer

Many producers in Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces are processing green pistachio kernels.
Peeled pistachio kernels are also known as “KULAK” pistachio kernels in the domestic market of Iran.

This product is of interest to many buyers especially in Germany, China, and Japan.
This type of pistachio kernel is a very good option for the European market due to its green color and aflatoxin approval.

Manufacturers of blanched green pistachios differentiate their products based on two parameters:

  • The degree of greenness
  • Being whole-shape or broken

According to these criteria, peeled pistachio kernels are usually classified into 6 grades.
4 grades are complete-shape and 2 grades are granules and halves pistachios.

The 4 primary grades are in 4 categories according to the amount of the green color from the greenest to the yellowest.
The other 2 grades include green granules and halves and the other category includes granules and halves of yellow pistachios.

Artin pistachio kernel production company is one of the major suppliers of this type of pistachio kernel.
In this factory, all color separation processes are performed by fully automatic devices.
Then the final manual sorting procedure is by manpower to increase the reliability.

In addition, the packaging of green pistachio kernels is in the form of 10 or 12.5 kg vacuums.
Which is ready for the market in cartons.

Export/Import of Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

Export/Import of Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

Due to its high price in comparison with ordinary pistachio kernels, these green pistachio kernels do not have many fans in the Iranian market.
For this reason, most products of this type of kernel are for different markets in other countries.

Also, This type of pistachio kernel is of interest to many countries due to its health approvals.
Especially countries that have a lot of restrictions on food imports.
The highest exports of blanched green pistachios are to the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • China
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Russia

Of course, buyers in each of these countries choose a specific grade according to the application and type of consumption.
As you know, green pistachio kernels are used as a raw material in various food factories.
For this reason, there is a great variety in the production and sale of this product.

Iran has lost its position in pistachio sales in many markets.
But Iranian producers are still the leaders in the wholesale market of pistachio kernels.
That more effort of these production units to increase the quality will keep this market.

Wholesale Price of Green Pistachio Kernels

Wholesale Price of Green Pistachio Kernels

As mentioned, the price of this type of pistachio kernel is more expensive than other pistachio products.
The reason is the production method and processing difficulties and peeling of this product.

In addition, observing hygienic rules to have healthy products is also costly for factories.
On the other hand, considering that more than 95% of pistachio kernel products are using for export, it is a completely currency-based product.

In other words, changes and fluctuations in the exchange rates cause changes in the prices of these products.
But for buyers who pay in USD or Euro, this is not so obvious.

To receive the daily price of different grades of green pistachio kernels, you can contact the Artin pistachio kernel sales unit.
Our partners will send you photos of products along with the daily price list per kilo of green pistachio kernels.

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