Blanched Slivered Pistachios to Import and Sell

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Blanched Slivered Pistachios

Blanched Slivered Pistachios to Import and Sell

Blanched Slivered Pistachios have many uses in bakery and confectionaries. Iran has good prices for pistachio products to import and sell.

Pistachio and almond slices and slivers are mainly using in the production of various products, especially in the field of sweets and ice cream.
These products are offered at cheap prices in the Artin production company.

In addition to selling in domestic markets, this product is also using for export to different countries.

Iranian Chopping Pistachios’ Workshops

Iranian Chopping Pistachios' Workshops

Many workshops and factories across Iran are producing different types of slices and slivers of nuts.
But most producers, in addition to blanched slivered pistachio, also produce sliced ​​almonds and peanuts.

In this regard, most of the sliced ​​producers are located in the provinces active in the field of pistachios.
In Kerman, Qazvin, Khorasan Razavi, and Yazd provinces, the largest number of production units are active.

To produce pistachio slices, a few simple machines are necessary. But this must be done with expertise and knowledge.
Because pistachios and almonds are very fragile and the presence of a high percentage of granulated and crushed slivers in the load reduces the quality of the final product.

To produce blanched slivered ​​pistachios, you must first put high-quality green pistachio kernels in water.
The product then pours into the machine and slice ​​out.
In the next step, the product needs to lose its moisture and reach the standard level; To do this, place the slices on a dryer with a medium heat percentage.

After that, the product is ready for weighing and packaging according to customers’ orders.

Artin Blanched Slivered Pistachios

Blanched Slivered Pistachios

In the Artin production company, most chopped, sliced or slivered pistachios are selling in bulk.
To have a good taste of the product, most products will produce according to orders.

In other words, first-grade green pistachio kernels are available in the workshop and after confirming the order, the slicing process begins.

With this method, fresh and tasty pistachio slices provide to customers and consumers.
This is especially important for products with pistachio slices as their raw material:

  1. Cakes and sweets
  2. Ice cream
  3. Lokum and Turkish Delights
  4. Halva
  5. Cook a variety of foods

In this company, along with high quality, all kinds of pistachio and almond slices are offering to the customers at affordable prices.
So as not to have much effect on the cost of their products.

Wholesales of first-class green pistachios are made directly from the factory door.

You can order this product and receive it in the shortest time in any city of Iran where you are working.
Or receive your orders in your target country’s customs.

Iranian Pistachio Slivers Sell to Export/Import

Iranian Pistachio Slivers

In addition to sales in the domestic market of Iran, Iranian blanched green slivered pistachio also has many fans in international markets.

Pistachio slices and slivers are known as one of the main pistachio products in the market.

Pistachio slices along with pistachio nuts, kernels, powder, butter and pistachio cream are the main products of the Iranian nuts field.

Each of these products has its own market in which chopped pistachios are mostly using for confectionery.
Green pistachio slices are using both as a raw material for the production of these products and for decoration.

The main point in pistachio exports is which country is the final destination of pistachio slices?

If India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, China, and Canada are our target countries, the products can be sent only with a plant health certificate (Phytosanitary) without any problems.

But if our target market is EU countries, the procedure will be completely different.
To import sliced ​​pistachios to these countries, the product must be free of fungi and aflatoxins.

In this regard, the pistachio kernel should be healthy so that the product can come out of the analysis proudly. Of course, the production environment of the slice must also be completely hygienic.

For more information about the export of pistachio and almond slices, you can contact Artin Nuts and Pistachio Trading Company.

Blanched Slivered Pistachios Price

Blanched Slivered Pistachios

As you know, the price of blanched slivered pistachios is closely related to the daily price of pistachio kernels.
Pistachios and pistachio kernels also have a direct impact on the current exchange rate of USD and Euro to Rials because most of their products are using for export from Iran to other countries.

In other words, the prices of pistachio products and their products are usually priced in dollars.

Now, in addition to the price of pistachio kernels, other factors are also effective in determining the price of pistachio slices:

  • The greenness of the slice
  • Percentage of granulated and powdered slivers
  • Moisture content
  • Fat content
  • Long Shape
  • Freshness and good taste
  • Suitable packaging
  • No foreign materials

All these factors have a direct impact on determining the price of pistachio slices.

Now you can pick up your phone to find out the daily price and contact the sales department of Artin Nuts Collection.
This way you get both pictures of the products and their daily prices.

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