Bulk Persian Pistachio Slivers Import

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Persian Pistachio Slivers

Bulk Persian Pistachio Slivers Import

If you want to import Persian Pistachio Slivers, you need to find a good supplier and exporter of bulk pistachios that produce green slivers and slices.

Artin Pistachios Company exports pistachio slices and slivers from Iran to all over the world.
Different Asian and European countries are buyers of Persian green pistachio slivers.

Germany, Poland, India, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, and Sweden buy significant volumes of this product.

Persian Green Raw Pistachio Slivers

Raw Pistachio Slivers

Persian pistachio slivers are known as one of the most widely used pistachio products.
The most important applications of this product are in the production of sweets and ice cream.
In the Iranian market as well as international markets, most buyers use this product to decorate or prepare a variety of sweets.

Slivered pistachios are sending to the market through different provinces that produce pistachios.
The main production centers of chopped pistachios can be considered as Kerman, Qazvin, Yazd, and Khorasan provinces.

To produce pistachio slices, good raw materials (pistachio kernels) must be prepared so that the final product has the necessary quality.

In terms of production volume and product quality, we can first name the pistachios producing in Qazvin province, especially the two cities of Qazvin and Buin Zahra.

The most important points in the production, sale, and export of chopped and slivered pistachios:

  • Green color
  • long shape
  • Amount of Moisture
  • Fat percentage
  • The amount of Crushed and Powdered slices and slivers
  • Packing

In addition, in some export loads, the amount of aflatoxin load should be measuring by the food laboratory.

Persian Pistachio Slivers Import/Export

Persian Pistachio Slivers

As mentioned, the destination of companies exporting pistachios is countries that are known in the field of production and sale of sweets.
Different countries use this product as a raw material for their foodstuffs.

In addition, some companies use green peeled pistachios to decorate their products and foods.
The green color of Persian pistachio slivers is important when you use them to decorate your products.

That is why the appearance of pistachio slices and its greenness is very important.

The main target markets for raw pistachio slice and sliver ​​are as follows:

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • India
  • Canada

To export to European countries, especially Germany, the product must be in accordance with the health regulations of this country.
The most important of these is that the product is free of fungi and aflatoxins.

Since the purchase volume of pistachio slices is less than the pistachios themselves and their kernels, buyers prefer to send this product along with other products.
In other words, to reduce transportation and customs costs, the exporter prefers to combine a container of pistachios, pistachio kernels, and pistachio slices.
On the other hand, because the main target market for pistachio slices is the producers of sweets and ice cream, the exporter of pistachio slices also offers pistachio powder in the market as an overlap of the product.

This has led to the welcome of buyers in international markets.

Raw pistachio chops and pistachio powder are two widely used and important pistachio products that have been able to provide good currency for Iran in recent years.

In addition to the mentioned countries, other countries are also buyers of Iranian green pistachio slices, although their purchase volume is sometimes less.

Artin Slivered Pistachios, Exporter and Supplier

Artin Slivered Pistachios

Many companies are exporters of pistachio slices in Iran.
The wide and diverse market of this product requires the same.

Artin pistachios company is also active in this market as an exporter of pistachio slivers, especially in European markets.
In the Artin factory, different types of pistachio slices in different qualities are producing and send to the market.

The raw materials or in other words pistachio kernels necessary for the production of slices in this company are provided by farmers in the producing provinces.
But most of the products are related to pistachios and pistachio kernels in Qazvin province.

In this collection, some of the products are producing based on acceptable Afflatoxin percentage and level for exporting to European countries.
The main purpose is to get the product with the acceptable aflatoxin percentage available to customers in Germany, Sweden, France, and Spain without any problems.

All sampling is doing for health analysis in the presence of customers or their representatives in this collection.

Due to the fluctuations in the price of pistachios and pistachio kernels, the daily price of sliced ​​pistachios also changes.
On the other hand, producing pistachio slices is time-consuming and costly, so there are several ways to get the price today:

  • Complete the forms available on the website
  • Make a phone call to the sales unit of Artin pistachio slices
  • Communicate through social networks with sales experts
  • Send email to sales and support unit

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