Buy Anari Barberry Directly from Producer

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Buy Anari Barberry

Buy Anari Barberry Directly from Producer

What to do to buy ANARI barberry and also POFAKI berberis in direct and safe method form Iranian suppliers and main producer? Does the direct purchase of producers make this business more affordable?

As you may know, the main producers of edible red barberry are active in South Khorasan province of Iran.
South Khorasan is where you can find large and amazing barberry’s orchards besides saffron farms.

Iranian Barberry Trees

In this region, due to the favorable climate you find largest farms and orchards of Saffron, Barberry and Jujube.

With the increase in exports of these crops, we are seeing that farmers in the region have been able to improve the quality of their crops using new and industrial methods. These new methods leads to better prices and qualities.

Various Barberry Types in South Khorasan, Iran

Barberry Exporter to Georgia

In South Khorasan, all varieties of barberry harvests from one type of shrub. The shrub, which eventually reaches a height of 3 meters, has high resistance to dehydration, soil salinity and cold, dry weather.

So, Please notice that: When you buy Anari barberry or Pofaki type, Both are harvested from one same type of tree.

After harvesting barberry in late summer, the barberry enters the drying process.
The variety of barberry drying methods makes the barberry produce in different types. Some methods of drying include dry in sunshine, greenhouses, salons and halls, etc. Each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Of these, two main varieties are known more than other varieties of barberry in markets:
These two products are as below:

  • first, Anari Zereshk
  • Second, Pofaki Zeresh

Each of these barberry varieties has different characteristics and moisture content.
For this in mind, Each of them have its own market which can determine depending on the destination of the shipment.

Buy Anari Barberry Directly from Iran

Buy Anari Barberry

There are various ways to buy bulk Anari barberry. One way is to buy barberry from wholesale markets in major cities. Obviously, you need to pay with the market price and finding lower prices are almost impossible.

But there is a solution for you: You can buy directly from Iranian barberry producers and manufacturers.

Buying from these wholesale markets has its advantages and disadvantages, but it always has more to do with the manufacturer. Perhaps the most important reason for this claim is the more reasonable price of the manufacturers.

For this purpose, It’s necessary to know other names of Iranian Red Seedless Barberries:

  1. Zereshk, Zeresht or Zereshg as well
  2. Barberry Fruit
  3. Berberitzen
  4. Berberis Vulgaris
  5. Pomegranate Berry

As mentioned earlier, barberry producers operate in South Khorasan of Iran, many of which have a large number of processing workshops and are processing and delivering loads every day.

When is the best time to buy ANARI barberry from Iran?

Anari Barberry Sale

Anari zereshk is ready for sale from mid-October each year; But since at this point in time, barberry is still new in the market, its price is higher.
But after about 30 to 40 days and with the end of the barberry harvest season, we see the price of barberry on the market balanced.

So the best time to buy this type of barberry is from November 15th. A very important point to consider when buying Anari barberry is the percentage of barberry moisture and foreign materials.
There is usually a high percentage of pebbles in the load because where farmers drying Anari barberry is spread under direct sunlight and on the ground. So the producer should do accurate sorting for solving this problem.

Purchase this dried barberry online in large quantity

Purchase Dried Barberry

Many of us are thinking that direct business with Iran is really difficult but not when the suppliers and exporters of Iranian barberries can deliver this product from Iran to your destination port.

Barberry trading has been around for a while now and we have seen an increase in online, telephone and non-official sales in recent years.
This way of buying has many advantages, the most important of which is saving time and money.
Another advantage of “not in person” purchasing is that you no longer need to buy a large volume of product for a long time, Which involves both a lot of capital and a need for storage.
This way your purchases can be made weekly or monthly.

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