Buy Barberry Fruit Fresh and Dried

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Barberry Fruit

Buy Barberry Fruit Fresh and Dried

You can buy barberry fruit in fresh and dried types online. Artin Barberry vulgaris is selling Persian Zereshk in bulk and also in packages fo shops. Exporter, Supplier, Producer and Manufacturer. Do you know where to buy Frozen Iranian Barberry?

Iran is the main producer of Red and Seedless barberry fruit. But please notice that most of this product is selling dried.
However, Selling fresh barberry seeds are really increasing in these years.
There are many uses for both fresh and dried barberry varieties.

Red Barberry

Most of buyers use Iranian barberry fruit to produce another products or decorate their products:

  • Turkey is using both fresh and dried barberry to produce delicious Turkish delights (Lokum).
  • Russia makes perfect candies with barberry (барбарис).
  • Germany, South Korea and America are using Berberis Vulgaris to produce herbal medicines.
    Given that barberry is a source of BERBERINE, it’s perfect to produce herbal extracts and medicines.
  • Germany, Sweden, Spain and Canada using this product to produce various juices and beverages.
  • Most of the Iranian, Arabian and Afghan restaurants using barberry in their foods specially Zereshk Polo

Fresh Barberry Fruit (Frozen)

Fresh barberry is available less than 8 months per year (Since November to May).
Frozen barberry need reefer container for transportation.

Barberry Fruit

Buyers can produce delicious juices and beverages, make delicious foods and jams.
You can buy this product online from Artin company or make direct contact with our sales managers in social medias to get the prices.

Dried Barberry Fruit

Iran is producing dried barberry in different varieties but most popular and best sales are following types:

  1. ANARI Zereshk (Pomegranate Seed Barberry)
  2. POFAKI Zereshk (Puffy Barberry)

Khorasan Barberry Varieties

The main difference here is relating to drying procedure:

  • If you are buying Pofaki barberry, you need to know that the farmers harvesting the product by cutting branches while fruits and barberry seeds are still on them. Then they place the branches in warehouses and let the fruits to dry on the branches with their puffy shape. Obviously, producing this type of barberry takes time
  • However, if you are buying Anari barberry, you should know that the farmers harvesting the fruits and place them under the sunlight. Therefore, Products would be dried and ready for sale in 3 to 4 weeks after harvesting.

Most packages of barberry are bulk and 10 Kg cartons but Artin Barberry Factory place its product in 10 Kg fabric bags and then place the bags in cartons. This way, We decrease color changing and increase the self life.

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