Buy Barberry in Europe New Crops

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Buy Barberry in Europe

Buy Barberry in Europe New Crops

European countries such as Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and France purchase Iranian new crops barberry each year. If you want to buy barberry in Europe, Check Iranian suppliers prices. Pofaki (Puffy) barberry has more buyers than pomegranate seeds (Anari) in these markets.

One of the main reasons for Barberry’s entry into international markets and especially its high volume exports to Europe is its that:

  1. Most of farmers don’t use any pesticides for barberry trees in Iran (Almost organic production).
  2. Barberry is full of vitamin C (causes it to be tart) and have many different health benefits.
  3. Barberry is a source of Berberine that is to use for producing some extracts and herbal medicines.

Since barberry is often producing without the use of any chemicals or toxins and is a wild shrub itself, it receives special attention.

Uses of Iranian Barberry

Iranian Barberry Uses

In addition to the above, barberry is a product that has a wide variety of uses, which is why different segments of society use it.
In recent years we have seen an increase in the use of this product among the people as we find out the health benefits of Barberry.
Of course, most of the direct use for edible products is limited to Pofaki type, but the market for its varieties is very potential, strong and exclusive in all countries.

As such, the most important applications of barberry are:

  • Food Consumption (Uses in Restaurants to Cook Zereshk Polo, Kermanshah Almond Stew, etc.)
  • Medicinal uses (drug production for the treatment of sore throat, hypertension treatment, blood glucose control, etc.)
  • Production of beverages
  • Production of chocolate, Candy and Persian lavashak
  • and Also production of Lokum (Turkish Delights) and confectionery

Most of above uses are the reason to buy barberry in Europe. European countries know barberry with the name of berberis vulgaris.

Iranian Dried Barberry Varieties

Iranian Barberry Varieties

There are different methods of drying barberry in Iran. This variation in drying procedure makes it possible to sell barberry fruit in different types in domestic and export markets.
But there are two main types of dried barberry that account for the largest volume of exports:

  • Puffy barberry (POFAKI)
  • Pomegranate seed barberry (ANARI)

These two products also have the highest volume of production in Qaenat region (Southern Khorasan, Iran).

The most important differences between the two types of barberry are its color, moisture content, crushing rate and puffiness of its seeds.

Given that pofaki barberry is lighter in color and has a lower moisture content, various European countries, especially Germany, want to buy pofaki barberry in bulk.

Buy Iranian Barberry for Europe

Buy Barberry in Europe

For export of barberry it should note that barberry is very sensitive if it is not in the right climate. It will quickly change color and lose its quality.
So, Be aware of the barberry export packaging that is appropriate to the conditions of the target country. Reefer containers must use for long distances, especially for the light color barberry, which has high color transparency, to avoid any problems.

Customs in some countries require a Health Certificate in addition to the usual export documents of barberry.
To obtain this certificate, the issuing authority is the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Medical Sciences.
The barberry needs to test for residues of toxins and nitrates. If the product complies with world standards, a Latin certificate will issue.
This certificate is approved and can be cited in all customs.

Artin Barberry Factory does all this for the major export loads in short time and without cost. Contact the experts at Artin Barberry Sales Department for more information.

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